ROH Border Wars 05.04.2013 (Briscoe vs Cole, SCUM vs ROH)

The Glimpse:

Ongoing coverage of ROH Border Wars 2013.  Tonight, SCUM battles ROH for the rights to the commentary table and Steve Corino’s continued presence in Ring of Honor.  The Briscoes are in singles title action – Mark challenges for the TV title and Jay defends the ROH World Title.  Plus a presence from NOAH – Taiji Ishimori.  Not to mention Paul freakin London.

The Action:

Match 1: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs Tadarius Thomas and ACH

Winners:  Coleman and Alexander via pinfall

Nigel’s mic is way off sound-wise on commentary.  He sounds like he’s at about 50% volume compared to Kevin Kelly.

TD and Coleman with a quick exchange of headlocks and hammerlocks until TD is sent to the ropes and we get a series of nearfalls from both men.  The usual double tag and we’ve got ACH in action.  Shoulder block stalemate followed by arm drags and a two for ACH.  TD tags back in – ACH with  a scoop slam and TD drops an elbow for one.  TD follows with a suplex and a two count.  Back to his corner and ACH heads to the top for an axe handle.  TD with a quick tag and another from ACH with spurts of offense.  ACH comes in with a neckbreaker for two, then a knee drop for two.  TD is back in again and hits a baseball slide to a prone Alexander and it’s two again.  Alexander explodes with a dropkick and Coleman tries to dive at TD who has rolled to the floor.  ACH cuts him off.  Alexander tries to hit him, ACH backflips to the floor to dodge then a dive pops the crowd.  TD and Alexander end up in the ring – TD wants one of his capoeira kicks and Alexander catches it.  Coleman with a low dropkick and now a double team slingshot senton.  Alexander hits a springboard moonsault (which drops a knee on the face of TD) for two.  TD reverses a whip but takes a back elbow.  Suplex back to his corner by Alexander and Coleman tags back in.  Snapmare to keep TD isolated.  Alexander is in once again for a Hart Attack style leg lariat for another nearfall.  Scoop slam and a jumping leg drop by Alexander and the nearfalls continue.  Coleman in once again and TD hits a flipping capoeira kick to open things up.  Rotating, he hits enziguiris from the mat and ACH gets the tag to chop away at Coleman.  Dropkick to his face but Alexander attacks from behind.  Alexander ends up doing a headstand on the top turnbuckle and gets a dropkick to the gut.  TD hits a cartwheel moonsault to the floor and ACH hits Air Jordan on the other side, which the cameras miss.

ACH and TD have Coleman in the ring who fights back, but he takes a ton of kicks from TD, then a pumphandle suplex from ACH.  Alexander breaks it up and takes kicks now.  Alexander fights his way of it and ACH wants a diving cutter  – Alexander catches him and hits a trifecta of Northern Lights suplexes for a nearfall.  TD blasts Alexander with a spinning kick then takes one from Coleman.  ACH with a big boot then a reverse DVD bounced off the top rope into a cutter for two.  ACH motions for TD to finish it.  Coleman fights away and ACH runs into Alexander and Coleman’s doubleteam in the corner.  ACH is placed on the top and takes the Overtime frankensteiner/splash combination for the loss.

Match 2: Mike Bennett vs Roderick Strong

Winner:  Roderick Strong via pinfall

Mike Mondo suffered a “training accident” – No idea if that’s a cover or if he actually reinjured his leg, but that makes this a singles grudge match.  Nigel’s mic still isn’t quite right and the ring announcer’s mic isn’t picking up on the stream either.  Roddy’s music has the “Firefight” sound clip added back to the front of it – That’s about as much of a face turn as he’s going to make.

Bennett aggressively puts Roddy in the corner, selling the “grudge” part of this match.  Roddy’s turn and he follows with a chop as Bennett bails to the floor.  Headlock by Bennett then a shoulder block.  Roddy hits a calf kick to answer.  Stomps in the corner and Maria is already up on the apron.  Roddy chases her off then boots Bennett.  Roddy hits a chop and Bennett screams.  Pendulum backbreaker for one.  Roddy stands on Bennett’s neck in the corner but he answers with a boot to the gut and a right hand.  I’ve got a BAD stream right now.  Lots of bufferring and it looks terrible.  Backslide by Roddy and now the Stronghold, but right to the ropes.  Stream fixed itself.  Chops on the floor from Roddy and a forearm.  Roddy plays to the crowd and Bennett hits a spinebuster onto the apron.  Strong is thrown into the barricade and again.  Stream back to terrible.  Strikes back and forth and Roddy takes a header into the barricade.  Stream quality is up and down – It’s wild.

Bennett settles into a chinlock back in the ring.  Bennett mocks CM Punk and hits a leg drop for two.  More back and forth action (and stream bouncing) and Maria sits down with a mic for us.  Maria says Mike is gold-bound.  Roddy and Bennett exchange forearms with the crowd solidly behind Roddy.  Boot to the face of Bennett and a clothesline and back elbow.  Now a dropkick off the ropes.  Bennett gets a boot up in the corner and Roddy bounces him into the corner for a chop.  Now wanting a superplex that Bennett fights off.  Strong with a kick to the head and another try and he almost slips.  Now to the top rope and he hits it.  Two count.  Bennett elbows out of a hold and Strong hits a running knee, but runs into a spinebuster for two.  Roddy hits a knee in the corner then the running forearm and belly to back backbreaker.  Bennett kicks out at two.  Strong wants Death by Roderick but Bennett grabs the top rope and escapes.  He delivers a boot, then counters Death By Roderick and ties him up with a jackknife pin.  Bennett with a spear for a very near fall.  Bennett with his own fireman’s carry that Roddy fights out of then locks in the Stronghold.  Maria distracts as Bennett taps.  Superkick from Bennett and Box Office Smash for the…nearfall.  Color me surprised.  Bennett wants his own version of the Stronghold.  Cheeseburger appears out of nowhere and kisses Maria, which causes Bennett to give chase, then he gets back in and takes a Sick Kick for the loss.

Match 3:  BJ Whitmer vs Rhett Titus, I Quit Match

Winner:  BJ Whitmer

Corino runs his mouth about SCUM’s plans.  Whitmer hits the ring and is having none of Titus’ chops, giving him one of his own.  Whitmer with a forearm and Corino gingerly trips him up.  Whitmer pays him no attention and Nigel drops his headset and leaves.  Whitmer hits a suicide dive on Titus.  Whitmer stays on Titus and the crowd voices their (negative) opinion of Corino, who leaves.  Back in the ring, Whitmer with a snapmare and a nosehold.  Titus won’t give it up, so Whitmer stomps him.  Now chops in the corner turn Titus’ chest red.  Whitmer sits him on the top rope and hammers on his back.  Titus slips under him and drops Whitmer on the top turnbuckle.  Titus with a boot to the side of the head and stomps.  Titus chokes him in the ropes now, but Whitmer won’t quit.  Titus tosses him out to the floor and follows with an elbow to the back of the head and a neckbreaker.  Titus just chokes him, but Whitmer still won’t quit.  BJ is laid next to the ringpost and Titus wants a running boot and gets it.  Titus with a camel clutch and he fishhooks BJ’s face.  Still no giving up.  Titus hits a low dropkick and Whitmer might be open.  Titus with the Last Chancery and Whitmer hangs on.  Titus continues to hammer on BJ as he gets to his feet, fired up.  Titus slaps him and fires off right hands – BJ lands some of his own then hits an exploder suplex.  Titus begs off and BJ ends up head first into a turnbuckle.  Titus grabs some zipties and stands on BJ’s head.  Titus is attempting to tie BJ to the top rope and he fights out of it then lands a boot to the head.  BJ’s turn to try to tie up his opponent and Titus’s right arm is tied to the top rope now.  BJ boots him for good measure and now the left arm.  Titus is defenseless and BJ punches away at him, but Titus won’t quit.  More punches and a loogie to the face from Titus sends BJ to go grab a chair.  Gotta ask – Where is all of SCUM during this?  Oh hey, Corino’s back.  Corino turns and drops to his knees and Whitmer backs the ref off.  Titus beckons the ref and says he quits so that Whitmer won’t hit Corino – And it’s SCUM.

Jacobs and Compton attack from behind and choke BJ.  Lethal’s music hits and he and Elgin hit the ring.

Match 4:  Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin vs Cliff Compton and Jimmy Jacobs

Winners:  Cliff Compton and Jimmy Jacobs via pinfall

Just a beating for everyone as the match begins.  Titus is still tied to the ropes and gets a superkick from Lethal.  Elgin tosses Compton to the barrier and Lethal fights Jacobs.  Titus is finally freed and disposed of.  Elgin and Lethal switch dance partners.  Lethal hits a ten punch in the corner of the barrier on Compton then knocks over Jacobs.  Elgin launches Jacobs into the barricade.  Compton’s turn now.  Elgin boots Compton into the crowd.

Match actually starts now with Lethal and Jacobs.  Elgin tags in and it’s time for the stalling suplex – Stream back to crummy quality again.  Elgin is walking around with Jacobs in the suplex.  Now he’s doing squats with him up there and at about 45, he drops him.  Lethal is back in and its a double team hiptoss into the cartwheel dropkick and a senton from Elgin.  Jacobs kicks out at two.  Jacobs rakes at the face of Lethal and manages to tag to Compton.  Cliff clubs the back of Lethal and sends him to the ropes.  Lethal gets a back kick and the handspring back elbow for one.  Elgin tags in and stomps the gut of Cliffy.  Elgin calls for a suplex on Compton and gets him up – Jacobs wants to ruin the fun and Lethal runs interference then lets Jacobs join his partner.  Lethal drops Jacobs and Elgin drops Compton.  Another senton, this time for Compton and its a two count.  Lethal tags in and punches away on Compton.  Blind tag by Elgin and he takes out Compton while Lethal hits Jacobs.  Superkick by Lethal and a fireman’s carry neckbreaker from Elgin.  Lethal goes running and hits a suicide dive on Jacobs, hurting his knee in the process.  Two count back in the ring.  Elgin notices what’s going on but tries to keep the offense going.  Compton gets a boot up and Elgin runs right through it for a corner clothesline and a bossman slam for two.  Elgin steps to the floor to check on Lethal and there’s a trio of refs checking on him.  Corino yells to count them out and Nigel approaches him from behind.  SCUM celebrates in the ring as the crowd cheers for Lethal.  They don’t seem to know whether to believe it or if it’s a legit injury.

Elgin is going it alone, hitting a bicycle kick and a suplex.  Now the big spinning backfist.  Jacobs tries a spear and just gets caught like a toy, then bucklebombed into Compton.  Elgin hits a samoan drop and fallaway slam on both of them simultaneously.  Elgin wants a powerbomb but it’s numbers game time and he goes into the ringpost.  Double team in the corner, just pummeling Elgin.  Jacobs hits a DDT and mocks Elgin not having a corner to crawl to right now.  Jacobs does the “dog peeing on a dude” spot and tags in Compton.  Leg drop from Compton and a headscissors.  Elgin crawls to the corner and throws Compton over the top rope.  Jacobs tagged in and locks in a sleeper, hanging on the back of Elgin.  Elgin backs him into the corner, then hits a boot on Compton.  Back to the sleeper.  With the sleeper on him, Elgin deadlift German suplexes Compton, breaking the hold.  Elgin is first to his feet and Steen hops the rails, hopping into Elgin’s corner.  Steen begs Nigel to make this official – Steen is tagged! Rights for both of SCUM and a load of streamers.  Steen jettisons Jacobs into a corner and its a pair of cannonballs in opposite corners for both.  Steen is tearing Compton and Jacobs apart.  Powerbomb onto the apron to Jacobs who is back in the ring now – Bucklebomb and up for the Elginbomb, but Compton clips the knee.  Steen is in now and tosses Jacobs way over the top.  Compton up for the popup powerbomb and now Steen wants a Package Piledriver.  Jacobs runs in with a schoolboy and its three counted on Steen.

Intermission is showing Ishimori vs Generico then Paul London vs Michael Shane

QT Marshall and RD Evans come to the ring unannounced.  Stream is back to atrocious quality.  Evans goes on about politeness then mocks Fandango’s song as the crowd is entertaining themselves with it.  reDRagon isn’t here in Toronto so Evans says they should be stripped.  The lights flash on and off and there’s a beeping sound…

Tommaso Ciampa is flashing on the screen with some messages in text.  Flatline sound, lights out.  Ciampa is back!  Crowd is going bonkers.

Ciampa delivers a huge knee to QT and wants the no-pad knee to the head.  Evans saved QT by dragging him out.

Corino hops onto a headset to explain that he’ll let Nigel finish the show, but come TV?  Corino takes his rightful place.

Match 5: Eddie Edwards vs Taiji Ishimori

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall

Rare that Edwards has the size advantage in a match.  Great quick hold exchange early on for a couple of stalemates.  Shoulder block from Edwards and a headscissors from Ishimori, followed by a flip over sunset flip and a rana, putting Edwards on the floor.  Ishimori is on the top and hits a moonsault, landing on his feet.  Chinlock after Edwards is rolled back in.  Edwards stops himself on the ropes and puts Ishimori on the apron.  Enziguiri from Edwards knocks him to the floor for a huge suicide dive.  Edwards hits a shining wizard back in the ring for a two count.  Chop and a snap suplex from Edwards for two.  Now a knee drop.  Chops back and forth and Edwards wins the exchange.  Ishimori flips out of a belly to back but sits himself on the top rope, prime for the Chinchecker – It’s a two count that Edwards kicks over into the Achilles Lock.  Back to their feet, it’s a strike exchange and Ishimori hits a springboard shin kick off the ropes.  Double knees in the corner and a front slam, then a springboard double stomp.  Edwards kicks out at two.  Ishimori heads to the top, calling for a finish – He lands double knees to the head and rolls Edwards up for another two.  Ishimori wants the handspring again, but Edwards catches him for the belly to back facebuster.  Edwards with the rapid chops in the corner now – Past a point those stop being chops and start being slaps.

Edwards hits his own double knees as Ishimori is in the bottom rope then a big suplex for two.  He wants Die Hard but Ishimori counters and flips out.  Edwards almost with a Tombstone, but Ishimori flips backwards into the same position and turns it into a double knee gutbuster.  Running kick to the neck and Edwards kicks out at two again.  Ishimori wants a run up frankensteiner but Edwards counters into a diving chestblower.  Back and forth two counts over and over, now a superkick exchange and a reverse rana from Ishimori that Edwards answers with a huge lariat.  Both men throw strikes as they get to their feet and it’s a long forearm exchange.  Edwards with chops and Ishimori levels him with a superkick and a spinning back kick – Another two count.  Front slam from Ishimori who calls for a 450 – Edwards gets the knees up.  Ishimori hops to the top but Edwards hits a pair of enziguiris.  Edwards meets him on top and hits a frankensteiner as they both stood on the top.  Ishimori rolls through a powerbomb and gets kicked in the head, then dead lift powerbombed.  Now a sitout powerbomb from Edwards and it’s still only enough for two.  Edwards wants and hits the Die Hard Driver for the win.

Match 6:  Mark Briscoe vs Matt Taven (c), ROH TV Championship

Winner:  Matt Taven via pinfall

For the record, the stream is still in terrible quality and it’s obnoxious to have to pay for that…and I swear as I typed that it came back to the quality it should be.

HOT’s act continues to be a disappointment at a societal level.  Mark stomps around to fire up the crowd.  Headlock from Mark that Taven fights up out of and falls back into.  Arm wringer from Mark and a right hand from Taven who sends him to the ropes – Mark flips up and over then hits a spinning heel kick.  Taven heads to the floor for breathing room and after he’s happy with the break, he rolls back in, then ties up with Briscoe and slaps him.  Taven tries some flipamagoo stuff in the corner and Briscoe is having none of it, flooring him with clubbing forearms, then Uncle Mule kick and a belly to belly.  Taven rolls to the floor again and he gets a baseball slide for it.  Now Briscoe throws him to the barrier.  Mark suplexes Taven onto the apron back first from the floor, then rolls into the ring.  Another baseball slide and now a belly to back onto the apron.  Mark heads to the top rope and the girls shield Taven, allowing Martini to shove Mark off the top onto the top rope.  Taven takes advantage and drapes his arm on the top rope and hits a dropkick.  Taven hits a single arm DDT for a one count.  Arm lock that Mark fights up out of, only to run into a discus boot for a two count.  Taven wants a suplex, but Mark lands on his feet and unloads with Redneck Kungfu.  Taven counters an uranage and levels Briscoe after Martini runs distraction.

Taven hits a suplex then kips up.  Middle rope twisting senton by Taven is good for a two count.  Mark heads to the apron off a whip and now it’s time for Redneck Kungfu.  Running clothesline into the corner, then Briscoe catches Taven with a suplex into the corner for a very near fall.  Briscoe tosses Taven to the mat and heads to the top rope, but lands on Taven’s knees with Froggybow.  Taven hits the Moonlight Drive for two.  Scoop slam from Taven, then he heads to the top.  Briscoe chops him in the face and wants the Iconoclasm, but Taven avoids it, then runs into a big powerbomb for two.  Taven avoids the Cutthroat Driver and tries a springboard move, but ends up “stuck” to the ropes in the first blatantly obvious botch of the night.  Briscoe floors him with a spinebuster, then hits a rolling DVD.  Martini tries to run interference and flies clear out of the ring.  The girls are on the apron and now they’re making out, which is enough to distract the ref.  Briscoe scares the girls off the apron and Taven rolls him up (with a handful of tights) to retain.

Match 7:  Davey Richards vs Paul London

Winner:  Davey Richards via pinfall

Stream has completely frozen as London makes his entrance.  This is two events in a row with a significant, stream-wide freeze, ROH.  You’re making it REALLY friggin hard to defend you guys.

Finally got a stream back and Davey has London straight jacketed on the mat, now reversed.  Headscissors is countered by London, who pats Davey on the head.  That’s gonna cost him at least 5 kicks in the chest.  Back and forth quick action with stream hiccups.  Lots of headscissors and counters so far.  Richards tosses London hard to the floor, then hops to the apron, wanting the kick to the chest.  He gets it.  Richards hammers on London, who trips Davey off the ropes.  London with an inverted atomic drop and a hurricanrana.  London wants a springboard move, but Davey meets him midair with an enzuigiri.  Davey teases a trailer hitch and ops for a reverse indian deathlock and a pinning combination out of it.  Richards is jawing with the crowd a LOT after they chanted a “You F*cked up” off the London trip earlier.  London dodges out of the corner then flips out of a back drop and hits a spinning heel kick.  London follows up with a flip dive, leaving both men on the floor.  Back in, London kicks away and hits a standing shooting star for two.  Richards hits a spinning back kick and runs at London in the corner, who dodges and hits a springboard double stomp.  London kicks out of another corner, then runs into a huge head kick from Richards and a high angle German suplex.  Forearms back and forth, then a kick exchange.  Alarm Clock from Richards and a superkick from London.  Davey escapes a German, runs into another superkick and London lands a dragon suplex for two.  Back kick from Richards as they get to their feet and London escapes to the apron.  London rolls his legs up and lands on the floor with Davey in position for a Tombstone.  Davey rolls it back to his own feet and lands his own Tombstone instead, rolling into the ring and leaving London for dead.  Davey is bleeding from the mouth.  London crawls on the apron and Davey hits a top rope double stomp – Nigel declares London dead and says it should just be stopped.

London actually does appear to be out on his feet, but who knows how much of that is playing it up.  Nigel talking so much about it makes it seem like it was part of the plan.  Richards puts London on the top rope and wants a fireman’s carry.  London with a sunset flip powerbomb!  London to the top rope for the shooting star, but Davey gets his knees up and jackknifes him for the pin.

Richards grabs a mic and pays his respects to London.  Davey tells the crowd to stand up and give some love to Paul London.  London grabs a mic and tells “werewolf” to come back.  London says he can respect getting an ass whipping and leaves it at that.

Match 8:  Adam Cole vs Jay Briscoe (c), ROH World Championship

Winner:  Jay Briscoe via pinfall

Lock up and Jay uses his size advantage.  Cole with an armwringer and Jay hits a drop toe hold and front facelock.  Cole counters and slides in for a headlock.  Jay levels Cole with a shoulder and Cole bails to the floor.  Another tie up into the corner and a less than clean break by Cole.  On the next one, Jay answers in kind with a forearm and boots.  Headbutt now and Cole tries to answer back, but get leveled.  Jay hits a back elbow for one.  Briscoe runs at Cole in the corner, but Cole dodges and hits an enziguiri, sending Jay to the floor.  Cole follows with a suicide dive and rolls the Champ back in.  Cole is on the top rope and hits a cross body for two.  Cole stays in control with knees to the back and a low dropkick.  Cole snapmares Jay and puts him in a chinlock.   Cole puts Briscoe to the ropes and catches him for a fireman’s carry, but Jay escapes and lands a full nelson slam.  Now a scoop slam and a leg drop for two by the Champ.  Cole tries to fight back but Jay puts the boots to him.  Snap suplex for another two count on Cole.  Jay throws three jabs and a headbutt in the corner and another back elbow off the ropes.  Big chop by Jay and a boot from Cole out of the corner, then a missile dropkick to the knee of Briscoe.  Cole puts on the figure four around the ring post to soften Jay up for one in the ring.  Legbar mid ring until Briscoe gets the ropes.  Jay fights back and after an exchange lands jabs in a circle, but Cole kicks him in the knee to put a stop to it.  Cole approaches and walks into a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle.

Cole with a fireman’s carry that Jay fights out of, then a boot and a roaring elbow for two on the challenger.  Cole lands a kick off the ropes, then the DVD onto his own knee for two.  Cole goes right for the Figure Four but Jay punches his way out.  Forearm out of the corner, then Jay jumps into a superkick from the middle rope.  Jay answers back with a Falcon Arrow for two.  Jay wants the Driller, but his knee betrays him.  Cole hits a brainbuster onto his own knee this time, still only good for two.  Onto the apron with both men and Cole runs right into a DVD, leaving both of them on the floor now.  Briscoe hits a running boot and a neckbreaker (after an awkward stumble from Cole).  Jay goes back to the Jay Driller, but Cole drops him and puts on the Figure Four.  Jay gets the ropes eventually and Cole sits him on the top rope.  Jay elbows out and Cole meets him up top again for a top rope German suplex, followed by a superkick, then one to the back of the head.  Cole hits the Florida Key for a near two.  Cole goes back to the Figure Four and it’s another rope break.  Cole unravels his wrist tape as he tries for another Figure Four and Briscoe launches him off and into Todd Sinclair, so the ref is out.  Corino is out and has a SCUM shirt in hand, then tosses it to Cole.  Nigel is on the apron, ready to knock Corino out.  Nigel heads to the back, then comes back and crotches Corino.  Nigel hits the Tower of London and rolls Corino out, leaving a vexed Cole in the middle of the ring.  Nigel runs off with Corino and Jay hits a Jay Driller for the win.

Briscoe shakes Cole’s hand and when he turns his back, Cole looks poised to throw a superkick.  Briscoe looks back and Cole stops in his tracks, then bails to the floor and leaves.

The Reaction:

Great way to fire up a crowd – I still am not sold in any way on TD’s kicks but C&C are an excellent tag team unit and ACH is awesome everytime he’s in a ring.  This crowd will be hot for the night and were largely behind the action, ACH especially.  Mostly solid action, little sloppiness which is so so important for ROH right now.

Unexpected after the Maria distraction and Bennett tapping.  Great match and Roddy is pretty solidly back on the face side, meaning both he and Elgin came out of a break up ultimately being faces.  Weird.  I’m always happy to see Roddy in action and I still say Bennett will be in WWE sooner than later.  Fun stuff and that’s two great matches in a row.  Welcome back, Sick Kick.

Good I Quit match, but it ended up being a means to an end for the following match which completely devalues it.  The action itself was fine, so don’t think I’m complaining about that.  Compared to what it’s sandwiched by, however, it pales in comparison.

Now that’s how you get a crowd going wild – Steen returns, gets put in a match but is not absolved of sin.  It’s his shoulders getting pinned to the mat that keeps SCUM intact and Corino on the commentary team.  Ready-made animosity.  Aside from the obvious conflict with SCUM, now Elgin has a built-in rivalry with Steen.  Not to mention now you can have Nigel questioning his own judgment which can lead to plenty more.  This match is just a highlight reel of Elgin’s ability – He is stupidly strong and can do so much with it.  Plus he does it without it looking forced or gimmicky.  If Elgin could get some personality/promo ability rolled in, he’s a real star waiting to explode.

Nothing wrong with the home-grown guy beating the visitor.  Incredible action and exchanges from both men with a fair focus on strikes.  The crowd absolutely loved it, and ultimately that’s the best grade to be given.  Edwards says he wants Ishimori’s NOAH title, since he won a non title match.  Come to think of it, Ishimori didn’t wear his belt to the ring.  A champ is a champ, regardless where he is or what promotion he’s wrestling in.  Please come back again Ishimori.

Ok match back and forth aside from the obvious flop from Taven.  I had my money on Briscoe winning that title to move things along with both of the brothers having gold.  Not sure where they go from here, aside from Mark beginning a jealous streak.  Taven is good, but I hate this HOT gimmick and it’s not doing him any good.

WOW was that a stiff match.  Seemed like Edwards was channeling Bob Holly for some of that.  London looked rocked at one point, but he was coherent enough to fly for a shooting star press.  I only saw about half of that, which is a crying shame.  Thanks a lot once again, ROH.

Awesome match and the top rope German -> superkick -> superkick to back of head -> Florida Key series was great.  Ending is questionable.  Corino continues to recruit Adam Cole, who is slowly turning heel.  He feigned being ready to cheap shot the champ after the match, so we’ll likely see this down the road, perhaps to replace Steen and bring the numbers back to eight.

Excellent night of pro wrestling – Worth catching a replay (in whatever manner you choose to hunt it down) for the tag match, for the Ishimori/Edwards match and for the title match.

The Preview:

On (technically tonight’s) the next ROH TV, Richards takes on O’Reilly and Elgin clashes with “Machinegun” Karl Anderson.

The Shill:

As always, if you like what you read here, let me know in the comments or on twitter @sbfantom.  I sincerely would like to hear what people think and strike up some conversation!

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