10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 5.6.13 (John Cena, Ryback, The Shield, Brock Lesnar, Triple H)

Raw Bridgeport 2012

1. Typical John Cena promo to kick off another 3 hours of Raw. Dated references, cheesy comedy and *rah-rah* “I’m champ!” It was pretty convenient that the WWE App had photos of John Cena’s past “Last Man Standing” matches cued up and published almost before Ryback finished speaking. Oh & if you didn’t think Ryback looked like Bill Goldberg (or do), check this out.

2. Last week it was Cody Rhodes and this week it’s Damien Sandow. Apparently Randy Orton doesn’t job for anyone not in The Shield. Seriously though, why does Orton need to be featured in squash matches over anyone? It’s not like he’s lost any popularity that he needs these to get over again.

3. Chris Jericho is a terrific surprise in what was shaping up to be a lackluster Raw. I also love the fact that they’re continuing the Jericho/Fandango feud since it didn’t look likely at all with Jericho only continuing part-time. I actually think it’s good for both guys. Jericho’s a veteran who doesn’t need a feud or to be put over & Fandango needs someone willing to show him the ropes AND put him over.

4. Another weak showing for World Champion Dolph Ziggler. Not only did he lose by disqualification but he never really seemed to be on the offense. I truly don’t understand WWE’s fetish with booking first time World Champions weakly but it’s become a real problem.

5. As much as I absolutely love Dean Ambrose and truly believe he is the main eventer of the future, he needs a different finisher. Hell, turn around and just hit a clean DDT! If not that, go back to using the knee trembler. This “reverse”/headlock DDT is too loose and always looks like his opponent slips out of the move before he hits it.

6. I’m happy it looks like they haven’t given up on Antonio Cesaro when a few weeks ago it was looking extremely bad for the “Swiss Strongman”. The stripped down and no nonsense promo helped re-establish the fact that he is definitely a threat to anyone and should be looked at as one, especially since his US Championship run lasted for so long. Of course, he’s facing Randy Orton on Main Event so this whole topic may be moot come Wednesday.

7. I don’t know how much that segment did for Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, business-wise. How much sympathy is the common WWE fan supposed to have for someone destroying another man’s very expensive office? Attacking the babyface, attacking the babyface’s friends or attacking the babyface’s family are all common & well documented “heat seekers”. But the babyface’s plush “top floor” corporate office? Oh how far we’ve come from “blue collar” Steve Austin beating up his “evil boss” Vince McMahon.

8. Both of the mid-card champions lost their matches tonight. US Champion Kofi Kingston was the one to take the pin in his six man tag team match against The Shield. And IC Champion Wade Barrett lost cleanly to Sheamus, who is in the middle of a pointless feud with Mark Henry… again. I’m definitely not saying these two should have won their matches, I’m saying they shouldn’t have been in these matches to begin with. For awhile it seemed as if WWE was beginning to protect these titles (and their champions) in order to re-establish prestige in the championships. That ideal appears to have been tossed out of the window and that sucks.

9. That was one of the worst uses of a “Tale Of The Tape” I’ve ever seen. Ryback is 6’3 and has “Shell Shocked” Mark Henry. Kane is “7 foot” and has eliminated 11 men single-handedly in a Royal Rumble. How is this a matchup of monsters then? I bought into the “Monster vs Monster” main event until I saw that graphic.

10. Absolutely ZERO reaction for Ryback’s finisher on Kane. Of course it didn’t help that he lifted Kane from the top rope instead of dead lifting him as usual. Honestly, this should be an eye opening for WWE and Ryback using a glorified Samoan Drop as his finisher. There’s no reason why Ryback shouldn’t use the more impressive looking “Meathook” clothesline. JBL used a clothesline for decades and will go down in history as having one of the best lariats the wrestling business has ever seen. Ryback isn’t tall & doesn’t throw his opponent in the air before dropping to the mat. There’s no logical reason as to why his finisher should hurt more than a bodyslam and I think the live crowds are beginning to see past the spectacle for sham it is. Give him something stronger. Something more impactful. Hell, give him anything that doesn’t resemble a weaker version of the Attitude Adjustment!

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