UFC On FX 8 (Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold)- FX Main Card [LIVE Results and Play-by-Play]

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Welcome to FOXSports.com/InsideFights.com’s live coverage of UFC On FX 8 headlined by Vitor Belfort taking on Luke Rockhold. The event takes place from Arena Jaragua in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. We will be here for all 13 of the fights taking place on tonight’s card. Stay tuned for live coverage of tonight’s main card on FX. If you missed the preliminary action, we have full coverage of both the Facebook portion and the FUEL TV portion of the event. Enjoy the fights.

Rafael Natal vs. Joao Zeferino

Referee: Leon Roberts

ROUND 1- Zeferino misses a leg kick to start out but lands a big right hand that stuns Natal. Both miss on punches. Natal misses a leg kick as both look to establish their range. Zeferino with a glancing leg kick. Zeferino with some right hands that knock Natal back. Natal grabs Zeferino and forces him against the cage. Natal tries a trip takedown but ends up on his back and Zeferino is on top. They both transition and each has a grasp of the others’ leg. Zeferino goes for a kneebar but Natal defends. Natal now goes for the heel hook but Zeferino escapes that. They are in 50-50 guard as both still are looking for a leg lock and both are aiming to improve their position. Zeferino tries to go belly down but they twirl over and stay in position. Zeferino continues for the leg lock as Natal defends. Natal wiggles out and the referee stands them up. They stay on the outside with nothing happening to end the round. 10-9 Zeferino.

ROUND 2- Natal switches stances to start the round and then he switches back. Natal misses with the jab. Zeferino with a leg kick followed by an overhand right and a left hand. Both exchange. Zeferino goes for a leg but Natal shakes it off. Zeferino with a quick takedown but Natal gets it back up. Natal has Zeferino against the cage with double underhooks. Zeferino switches positions and they split up. Zeferino is starting to slow down as when get past two minutes in the round. Natal drops his hands and Zeferino does nothing then Natal lands a leg kick. Zeferino goes for the takedown but Natal sprawls and grabs Zeferino in a front headlock. Natal releases and Zeferino falls to his back. Leon Roberts tells him to get up. Natal comes in for a punch but Zeferino counters with a nice combination. Natal continues to push forward and dictate the pace of the round. Natal misses a spinning back fist and Zeferino grabs him and flops down to his guard. Zeferino is extremely tired. Natal lunges into Zeferino’s guard with a punch. Natal with a punch and Zeferino looks dazed and confused. Natal tries to cause separation and Zeferino is just hanging on. Zeferino survives the round but is spent. 10-9 Natal.

ROUND 3- They hug to start the round and try to pump up the crowd. Zeferino lands a big overhand right. Zeferino still looking very tired. Natal lands a jab and grabs a body lock. Natal swarms with punches but Zeferino gets them separated. Zeferino lands a big right hand but Natal shakes it off. Natal with a jab that moves Zeferino. Natal with a leg kick. Zeferino misses a big right hand. Natal circling well off the Zeferino attacks. Natal hits a side kick and Zeferino grabs a body lock. Natal reverses it into a takedown and Natal is on top. Natal with some short elbows and is looking to pass guard. Natal lands some strikes as Zeferino is trying to just hang on. Natal with some punches and he looks to be setting up a choke. Natal gets back into guard as Zeferino is trying to survive the final round. Zeferino tries to scramble but has no success as Natal applies more pressure. Natal is in side control and is landing short elbows and hammerfists. Natal has Zeferino’s arm pinned and transitions into mount. Zeferino gives up his back and Natal starts to land punches. Natal moves back into mount and lands. Zeferino gives his back up again and Natal is dominating him. Zeferino tries to finish the round and is avoiding the finish but is getting dominated as the fight ends. 10-8 Natal.

Official Result: Rafael Natal def. Joao Zeferino by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Evan Dunham

Referee: Kevin Mulhall

ROUND 1- Both come out in a southpaw stance. Dos Anjos gets us started with a big leg kick. Both land left hands and Dos Anjos gets a head kick landed. The crowd begins to chant. Dunham lands a nice combination. Dos Anjos just misses a jump front head kick. Dos Anjos tries a kick but gets his leg grabbed and Dunham lands a combination. Dunham attacks with the right jab. Dunham with another combo landed. Dos Anjos feints and lands a body shot. Dunham lands a jab. Dos Anjos with a head kick and both miss on combinations. Dunham with a short uppercut and he whiffs on a head kick. Both land left hands. Dos Anjos with a body shot. Dunham works in the clinch and Dos Anjos lands a knee. Dos Anjos gets a leg kick and falls to the ground and Dunham runs in and gets on top. Dunham is in Dos Anjos’ guard and is landing from top. Dos Anjos with elbows from the bottom but Dunham lands to the body from the top. Dos Anjos goes for a triangle but Dunham postures up. Dunham with a big right hand and Dunham keeps on top. Dunham with some body shots and Dos Anjos works to get out of the bad position. Kevin Mulhall orders a stand up. Both men exchange to end the round. 10-9 Dunham.

ROUND 2- Dunham with a leg kick to start. Both exchange wildly and Dunham grabs Dos Anjos and gets a quick takedown. Dos Anjos transitions back to the feet but Dunham has a body lock. They break. Dunham lands a nice combination in the pocket. Dos Anjos lands a body punch. Dos Anjos shoots for the takedown but doesn’t get it. Dos Anjos has Dunham against the cage and is going for the takedown. Dunham with good takedown defense and they separate as Dos Anjos lands a big right hand. Dunham with a nice jab. Dos Anjos lands a nice combo and lands a left hand. Dunham with a nice combo ending with a high kick that missed. Both stay in range and Dos Anjos gets a knee landed. They exchange and Dunham has cut Dos Anjos open. Dunham misses a takedown and Dos Anjos gets him against the cage. Dunham switches positions and they break. Dos Anjos is bleeding over his right eye. Dos Anjos misses a huge left hand. Dunham with a jab. Both land punches. Dunham with a combo that lands and finishes it with a head kick. Dunham with a left hand. Dunham lands an uppercut at the end of a combination. They exchange and Dunham lands a big knee. Dos Anjos counters with a combo. Dunham gets a trip takedown to end the round. 10-9 Dunham.

ROUND 3- Dunham lands a jab to start. Both land solid left hands. Both land exchanges again. Neither getting an advantage through a minute in the final round. Dunham goes for the takedown and pressures Dos Anjos against the cage. Dos Anjos switches and then they switch back. They separate and Dunham lands a left. Dos Anjos with a body kick. Dos Anjos lands another one. Dunham looking to land a combo but can’t get it as Dos Anjos circles out of position. Dunham misses with a right hand. Dos Anjos misses a running knee. Both exchange and land. Dunham continues to press forward. Dunham with a short right hand that lands. Dunham backs Dos Anjos against the cage with a combo. Dunham misses a front head kick against the cage. Dunham goes for the takedown and puts Dos Anjos against the cage. Dunham works from the clinch and lands some shots to the head and body. Dos Anjos gets the Thai clinch but can’t do anything with it as they split. Dos Anjos lands a nice combination. Dos Anjos misses a left hand and Dunham grabs a front headlock. Both swinging wildly as the fight comes to an end. Dunham lands to end the fight. Close round. 10-9 Dunham.

Official Result: Rafael Dos Anjos def. Evan Dunham by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ronaldo Souza vs. Chris Camozzi

Referee: Mario Yamasaki

ROUND 1- They touch gloves to start. Souza with good head movement and he rocks Camozzi with a punch. Camozzi misses on a combination. Souza lands a big right hand. Souza forces a tie-up and Souza gets Camozzi against the cage. Camozzi reverses and has Souza against the cage before they break. Souza tags Camozzi with a right hand and then scores a trip takedown. Camozzi looks for upkicks as Souza tries to pass guard. Souza with a big right hand as he tries to pass guard. Souza in half-guard and lands some punches to the body of Camozzi. Camozzi lands an upkick. Souza goes back into half-guard and transitions to side control. Souza with a punch and looking for a submission. Both scramble and Souza ends up with an omaplata. Souza moves back into side control. Souza looking for the mount and gets it. Souza locks in the arm-triangle and Camozzi is submitted by Souza! Big win for Souza as the crowd goes wild and he does his celebratory gator crawl in the Octagon for the first time.

Official Result: Ronaldo Souza def. Chris Camozzi by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 3:37 of Round 1

Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold

Referee: Leon Roberts

ROUND 1- Both are southpaws. Rockhold slips after missing a head kick. Both circling but nothing is thrown. Belfort misses a spinning kick. Rockhold shoots for a takedown but misses. Belfort rushes forward and tags Rockhold and they tie-up against the cage before they break. Rockhold with a leg kick followed by another. Rockhold attacks the body with a kick. Belfort misses a counter combo. Rockhold lands a spinning kick. Rockhold lands a left hand and a kick. Belfort knocks Rockhold down with a spinning kick right to the jaw and finishes him off with some punches on the ground! The crowd goes nuts as Belfort celebrates following the knock out.

Official Result: Vitor Belfort def. Luke Rockhold by KO (kick and punches) at 2:32 of Round 1

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