Detective Comics #22 Spoilers: Batman’s Wrath And A Robin’s Scorn? Or Vice Versa?

This is a week of surprising cliffhangers in the DC New 52. Alongside the doozy in Green Arrow #22, we also have one in Detective Comics #22. This this issue writer John Layman and artist Jason Fabok introduce freshened up versions of an anti-Batman, The Wrath, seen in comics pre-New 52 and his sidekick Scorn, seen in the Animated “The Batman” TV series.

While billed by DC as “anti” Batman and Robin, their lives do parallel a bit with DC Comics’ dynamic duo.


We first meet the boy Scorn early in the issue and his efforts are foiled by Batman. This leads to the on-panel debut of The Wrath.

Whereas Batman had a nurturing relationship with all his Robins, The Wrath is not so supportive. Batman lost his most recent Robin, Damian Wayne his son in the pages of Batman Incorporated, in Detective Comics #22 The Wrath more directly controls the fate of his Sidekick. Not a Robin scorned, but a Scorn robined?

Overall, an excellent issue on story and art. Can’t wait for August’s Detective Comics #23.

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