WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 7/15/13: Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Randy Orton, John Cena

After what I would call an average to slightly above average Money in the Bank PPV, the WWE will get into full SummerSlam mode tonight on RAW. Brock Lesnar is advertised, and we will be sure to get some follow up involving the Wyatt Family.

Oh Cena, You’re Sooo Insider

RAW started with Brad Maddox. He said his first order as GM will be a MITB rematch between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto del Rio. Maddox was ready to make another announcement but John Cena interrupted. Cena said this would be the only time ever during the Maddox Era that the person in the ring with him is more hated than Maddox. Cena said the jury is still out on Brad Maddox. Maddox said he’s always admired John Cena, ever since he was a teenager watching him on TV. And because of that, he was going to allow John Cena to fight whoever he wanted at SummerSlam. Cena said he could fight Doc Hendrix, Dutch Mantel, Michael Cole, or even one of the Bella Twins.

Randy Orton came out. He told Maddox to not get ahead of himself, and Cena may not be WWE Champ come SummerSlam. Orton said he won’t make the same mistake Cena made last year. Orton said he was going to take advantage of the contract, and when he cashes in, he will never see it coming. Fandango decided to come out. Fandango said Orton won’t be cashing in against Cena, he will be doing it against him. Fandango then started pronouncing his name, but Orton interrupted by punching him. Maddox made the match official.

Survey Says: That wasn’t a bad opening segment. I like seeing new guys coming out and interacting with main eventers, so having Fandango out there was a nice touch. Orton let his cash in intentions be known right away. Nothing that stood out, but it wasn’t bad. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Back from break the match had started. Orton missed a knee drop on Fandango, and Fandango landed some kicks. Orton blocked a suplex and hit one of his own. Fandango rolled to the outside but Orton caught him with a clothesline, then back dropped him on the barricade. Fandango regained control and applied a headlock. Orton fought out and hit a back drop. Orton landed some punches in the corner then hit a dropkick, followed by his version of the Garvin stomp. Fandango blocked a charging Orton in the corner and landed a kick to the head. Orton went to the outside and Fandango threw him into the steps going into commercial.

Fandango still had control back from break. He blocked an Orton backbreaker and hit a backdrop. Orton blocked a Fandango kick and hit a clothesline in the corner then a Samoan suplex. Orton then hit a superplex. Orton started to go into ORTON MODE but Fandango caught him with a kick to the head. Fandango went to the top but Orton crotched him, then hit his middle rope DDT. Orton then hit the RKO for the win.

Match Analysis: I thought that was a good match. Fandango more than held his own in the ring with Orton. Orton picks up a win and his more than likely push back up the top of the card begins. My problem with this crowd, as with all crowds from here on out, is that they are trying to mimmick something that was good once and was special because of it. Survey Says: 3/5

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler told A.J. that they were done.

I Guess They Didn’t Like His Lavender Shirt

Mark Henry came out. He said John Cena showed up as advertised and is one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time. Henry said Cena took him to the limit and he was so close to winning the WWE Championship. The crowd started a “You Tapped Out” chant and said that he did tap out, and that Cena would make everyone in the crowd tap too. Henry said he knows Cena can pick his opponent for SummerSlam, and he wants Cena to pick him. The Shield’s music hit and they surrounded the ring. The Shield attacked and Henry held his own until Ambrose applied a sleeper hold and Reigns hit a Spear. They then hit the triple power bomb in the ring.

Segment Analysis: That wasn’t a bad segment. Some people were worried The Shield was losing some steam and that got a little back. It also turned Henry face. Henry hasn’t interacted with The Shield yet so it is something new for them to do. Survey Says: 3/5

Chris Jericho walked into Brad Maddox’s office. He said Jericho should impress Cena tonight if he wants a WWE Title match, and made a match for Jericho against RVD.

She’s Got The Crazy Eyes!

The match started with Ziggler ducking a clothesline then hitting a dropkick. Ziggler hit a neckbreaker then his ten elbows. Del Rio moved out of the way of a splash in the corner. Del Rio then went to work with some kicks. Del Rio hit a reverse suplex off the second rope. Ziggler then moved out of the way of a Del Rio charge then hit a clothesline in the corner. Del Rio tossed Ziggler over the top to the outside.

Back from break Del Rio still had control. Del Rio dropped Ziggler with a front splash. Del Rio charged at Dolph but Ziggler jumped off the middle rope and hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Ziggler landed some kicks but telegraphed a backdrop and Del Rio caught him with a punch. Ziggler moved out of the way of a Del Rio dive but Del Rio caught himself in the ropes. Ziggler then hit a dropkick. Dolph missed the Fameasser and Del Rio hit a German suplex for two. Del Rio countered an armbar attempt into a neckbreaker for two. Del Rio moved out of the way of a fameasser and Del Rio hit an enziguri kick to the head for two. Del Rio put Ziggler in the tree of woe position in the corner, but Dolph lifted himself up and Del Rio went shoulder first into the post. Dolph hit a fameasser. Suddenly, the bell rang. The ref called it off, and A.J. was shown by the bell. With Dolph distracted, Del Rio hit an enziguri kick to the head and picked up the win.

A.J. came in the ring and started slapping Dolph. Dolph tried calming her down but Big E came into the ring and clotheslined Dolph, then hit his finisher.

Match Analysis: Another good match between these two. Not that I’m surprised this happened so early, but is Dolph really not going to get a World Title Match at SummerSlam? I think it would be weird to not have him win it there. And who would Del Rio move on to? Good match regardless. These last two crowds have helped Dolph get established as a face. Survey Says: 3.5/5

OK, No Husky Harris Chants. Good.

R-Truth came out and did his rapping. Suddenly, the Wyatt Family’s music hit and they came out and attacked R-Truth. Bray Wyatt came in and took the mic. He said there was no such thing as a hero. He said everyone has become addicted to the illusion of a hero. He said they need someone to tell them everything is alright. He said what would you say if your flesh and blood turned your back on you and everything we knew was a lie. R-Truth got up with a chair and said he wanted Wyatt. Harper and Rowan left, but they distracted Truth enough to allow Wyatt to take him out. Wyatt said Truth was not the truth they were looking for, and told Kane to follow the buzzards.

Segment Analysis: There were probably a lot of people that didn’t like that promo. But I liked it. Wyatt is still coming off as they cult like leader who has a purpose. I thought it was delivered well and at least made people question who Wyatt was talking about. They have something to do with Kane, so we’ll see where it goes. Survey Says: 3/5

Zeb Colter cut a promo calling Brooklyn the “Melting Potty” of America. The Usos were chosen as their opponents. Cesaro and Swagger had the upper hand early on. Cesaro hit an uppercut on one of the Usos, but the other one rolled him up and scored the win.

Fear the Stache!

Damien Sandow vs Christian. Christian went up the ropes but Sandow pushed him off. Sandow placed Christian on the turnbuckle but Christian hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Christian hit his punch in the ropes then a crossbody off the top for two. Christian hit an elbow off the middle rope. Christian went for a Killswitch but Sandow blocked it and hit a Russian leg sweep. Sandow went for the Elbow of Disdain but Christian rolled him up and picked up the win. After the match, Sandow grabbed the mic and pronounced that he was still Everyone’s Intellectual Savior, but was interrupted and attacked by Cody Rhodes. Sandow eventually escaped through the crowd as they chanted CODY!

Segment Analysis: Well, it looks like Sandow might be getting the lose, then win treatment. Odd to see him lose to Christian there. The WWE has done a good job handling Cody Rhodes face turn so far. But they always seem to do that, only to find a way to screw it up down the line. But I like what I’ve seen so far. Survey Says: 3/5

Naomi defeated Brie Bella. If we have to see more of these types of matches due to this stupid E! show, I may have to start drinking while reviewing this. (Although I will admit, Naomi isn’t bad in the ring.)

You Broke My Heart!

CM Punk came out. He said he knows Paul Heyman is in the building, and he knows Brock Lesnar is in the building. And he says he knows he isn’t waiting anymore, so he told them to come out. Heyman walked on the stage. Heyman said he is looking at an empty ring, because in his world Punk doesn’t exist. He said in 2005, the WWE had no vision for him. And what did he do? He took Punk in and trained him and martyred his entire career for him. Heyman said they were the longest reigning WWE Champ in the last decade, they were so close to ending the Streak, and they were the Best in the World. Without Heyman, CM Punk is not the Best in the World. Heyman told the crowd to boo all they want, but the truth is Punk betrayed “us.” And when Punk left to find himself, he came back and thought he was better than Paul Heyman. So Heyman lied to him. He said history will show that Paul Heyman dumped CM Punk. Heyman said the truth is Punk has no family, no wife, no children. All Punk has is the WWE Universe. Heyman said all CM Punk needs is the WWE Championship. And Heyman took it away from him. Heyman said Punk made him swear on his children, but he double crossed him because CM Punk  can’t beat Brock Lesnar.

Punk asked if Heyman was done. He said that the truth does hurt and maybe he should have seen it coming. But he trusted Heyman and now he has 13 staples in his head. Punk said Heyman knows when Punk is telling the truth. He told Heyman he was going to get him and he will get his hands on anyone who tries to get in his way in doing so. Punk said he was going to leave everything around Heyman burning and he was going to kick Heyman’s ass. Punk asked Heyman if he was lying “You Son of a Bitch.” Heyman said he knew Punk wasn’t lying and would spell out Punk’s immediate future. Heyman mocked Punk’s entrance and yelled “It’s Clobberin Time!”

Out came Brock Lesnar. Lesnar and Punk stared each other down but Heyman hit Punk from behind. Both men brawled all over ringside. Lesnar eventually threw Punk over the announce table. Punk tried fighting back again but Lesnar caught Punk jumping off the announce table and rammed him into the ringpost. Lesnar then hit an F5 onto the announce table.

Segment Analysis: That is what you call really good booking. The promo exchange between Punk and Heyman was great. As I’ve said numerous times: You believe every word that comes out of Punk’s mouth when he says it. The brawl was great and Punk held his own until the “injuries” came into play. If that was only the start, I’m looking forward to where this entire thing is going. Just a great job of story telling from Heyman and Punk. Survey Says: 5/5

Backstage Great Khali sounded like he asked John Cena to pick him as his opponent at SummerSlam.

Triple H and Stephanie asked Brad Maddox if he cleared his decision about the WWE Title Match at SummerSlam with Vince, especially if Cena picks who they think he will pick. HHH wished Maddox the best of luck in his future endeavors tonight.

No Michael Cole, No One Gets Higher Than RVD

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho. The two exchanged some mat wrestling early on before Y2J caught RVD with a dropkick. RVD countered a Jericho and hit a spinning heel kick. RVD hit a standing moonsault for two. Jericho ducked a sweeping leg kick and hit an enziguri kick to the head. Back from break Jericho tried applying the Walls of Jericho but instead catapulted RVD into the turnbuckle. Jericho started working over RVD with some kicks then kicked him to the outside. RVD countered a suplex attempt on the apron and hit a kick to the face. RVD had a leg scissors applied but Jericho countered it into a powerbomb. RVD caught Jericho with a kick then went for Rolling Thunder, but Jericho went to the outside. RVD then hit a standing moonsault off the apron into another commercial.

Back from break Jericho had an armbar applied. RVD fought out and hit a spinning kick to the chest. RVD hit some shoulder tackles, then Jericho did as well. Jericho hit an axe handle off the top. Jericho hit a running bulldog but missed on the Lionsault, allowing RVD to hit Rolling Thunder. RVD missed a springboard kick and Jericho hit a DDT for two. RVD countered another Walls attempt and hit a kick to the head. Jericho caught RVD with a boot, but RVD then countered a bulldog attempt and threw Jericho into the corner. RVD missed the spinning moonsault and Jericho hit the Lionsault for two. RVD blocked Jericho with a kick to the head, but Jericho recovered in time to crotch RVD on the turnbuckle. RVD eventually knocked Jericho off, and RVD hit a Swanton off the top for two. RVD went for a hurricarrana but Jericho caught him and applied the Walls. RVD got to the ropes. RVD blocked a Jericho kick and hit a spinning heel kick of his own. RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Match Analysis: That was a very good match. There were some slow and clunky spots in there, but not enough to take away from the overall quality of the match. RVD looks decent so far in his return and I’m curious to see who his first real storyline will be with. His effort looks all there. As for Jericho, he takes another loss. But since he will be leaving again soon, it doesn’t hurt too much. Survey Says: 4/5

Poor JTG. When Will It Be His Time???

The roster waited on stage for Cena to make his decision. Cena said he couldn’t do it because he hasn’t made his decision yet. He said he didn’t ask the WWE Universe what they thought. Cena said he wants to make a match that the WWE Universe wants to see. He asked the crowd about 3MB, Randy Orton, Great Khali and Alberto del Rio. He also brought up RVD, Chris Jericho, Fandango and Sheamus. Cena asked if there was anyone he was forgetting and the crowd started chanting “YES” and Daniel Bryan.” Cena said he selected Daniel Bryan. Bryan came to the ring as the entire crowd started chanting “YES!”

Segment Analysis: Pretty simple segment. The show ending with a visual of the entire crowd chanting YES was a great way to end the show. It’s the right match at the right time for the WWE. I just really hope the rumors of this involving the Bellas and the Divas Show on E! aren’t true. If the feud gets centered around that, I won’t be happy. But Bryan wrestling for the WWE Title on the second biggest show of the year? That’s fine with me. Survey Says: 3.5/5


A very solid episode of RAW to follow up Money in the Bank. You could argue that this RAW alone made SummerSlam a must watch event for a lot of WWE fans. The entire promo exchange between Punk and Heyman was great. It was the perfect way to lay the foundation for their feud and eventual match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Cena picking Bryan was the right move by the WWE and I’m glad they didn’t stray from that decision. Y2J and RVD put on a good match, as well as Ziggler and Del Rio. I’m a bit disappointed it looks like Ziggler won’t fight for the World Title at SummerSlam, however. Cody Rhodes again looked very good tonight and I hope the WWE doesn’t do anything to screw up his momentum. The Wyatt Family stuff was good again. Bray Wyatt came off very creepy and it left intrigue about what will eventually happen with Kane. A great show from the WWE that gets an 8 from me.

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