10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.15.13 (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

1. I’m truly curious to learn what the WWE sees in Brad Maddox. Sure I’ve seen the random bits he’s been in and have heard him on commentary during a few NXT shows & he wasn’t bad in those roles but he wasn’t overly good either. I hope he can adapt and grow extremely quickly because he’s pretty much been tossed right into the fire.

2. Fandango really held his own with a strong main-eventer in Randy Orton and I’ll be honest, it surprised me! It’s about time they tried to inject some credibility into the Fandango character and even in a loss he looked good being able to hang with a guy who has held the World Championship so many times. Oh & holy crap is Orton over in Brooklyn tonight!

3. Here’s how I interpreted the Mark Henry/Shield segment. To me it looks as if The Shield are now going to target guys who are past their prime & should move out-of-the-way for younger guys like themselves. This might be the best progression for their stable. As a group, they really haven’t had much direction since they’ve all won gold. This gives them a purpose as a unit while also continuing their roles as champions.

4. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler had a better match at Money In The Bank, not that tonight was bad at all. I don’t know what it is about Del Rio but I’ve never been a fan of his ring style and just believe Ziggler would mesh better with a different opponent to face. I have absolutely no idea who that person on the current roster would be but I’m just not thrilled with Del Rio and don’t think I ever will. I REALLY like the idea of Ziggler feuding with AJ and maybe a stable of guys AJ can throw at Ziggler with Big E Langston just being the first one. Maybe make AJ Lee into a new type of Sunny where she aligns herself with all sorts of people in order to get her revenge on Ziggler.

5. Bray Wyatt’s promos are just scary good. I’m not sure if he has a writer or if he comes up with this stuff on his own but if it’s the latter, I’m a bit scared because Wyatt truly has the charisma to sell a lot of Kool Aid.

6. The fact that Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro were given a team name as The Real Americans help bolster faith that a tag team division is being taken seriously again. And that the fans chose The Usos as their opponents just proved that the fans want to see a competitive tag team match instead of a comedy match they would have gotten with Tons Of Funk.

7. The reason why CM Punk and Paul Heyman work so well together is trust & realism. How many other entertainers in the world would allow their actual personal life to be involved in a fictional story? CM Punk is estranged from his family & even recently was granted a restraining order against his mother because she kept trying to milk him for tens of thousands of dollars every month. CM Punk & Paul Heyman are obviously two men breed of different era and trust one another enough to believe in what they are doing. Now we just have to hope that Brock Lesnar and CM Punk have that same trust in one another or someone’s definitely going to be hurt at SummerSlam.

8. Naomi would have done great in a different generation of Divas. Her natural athleticism would have only gotten her so far but I could definitely see her having very entertaining matches with women like Molly Holly, Victoria and Lita.

9. Y2J vs RVD – The battle of polar opposites. The Man who constantly reinvents himself versus The Man who looks the same as he did in 1998.

RVD vs Y2J

I kid. I kid. Seriously though, if Rob Van Dam is used in a similar capacity as Jericho is nowadays, I’m perfectly fine with him getting TV time. I’d love to see him work with some of the younger guys and his name still holds enough credibility to put those young guys over. Just don’t put RVD into any prolonged feuds or titles runs. TNA did that for years & absolutely nothing good came from it.

10. John Cena’s announcement took far too long for something far too obvious. I would have prefered something a tad bit more dramatic but am perfectly content in seeing a deserving wrestler get a title shot at the second biggest PPV the WWE runs. Now if the WWE decides to use the Bella Twins & “Total Divas” in this match hype, it’s going to get very old very quickly and diminish a perfectly good story of a young wrestler on a hot streak getting a shot at the WWE Championship. I’m still going to stick by my prediction though of Daniel Bryan winning WWE gold just to have Randy Orton cash in his Money In The Bank contract & stealing the championship from Bryan. That would then set up the ever desired heel turn for Orton against “the man who should be champion” Daniel Bryan leading into the fall. Although where that leaves John Cena I have no idea. Maybe WWE could start filming The Chaperone 2: Undercover Sitter with Cena playing the lead who is an undercover Secret Service agent that has to chaperone the President’s children on a school trip to Universal Studios only for the bus to get hijacked & the kids taken hostage. Anything to get John Cena off TV for at least a few weeks would work.

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