UFC On FOX 8 (Demetrious Johnson vs. John Moraga)- FOX Main Card [LIVE Play-by-Play]

Welcome to InsideFights.com’s live coverage of UFC On FOX 8 headlined by Demetrious Johnson defending the UFC Flyweight Championship against John Moraga. I’m Ryan Frederick and I’ll be covering tonight’s event which comes from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Stay tuned for live play-by-play coverage of the night’s main card on FOX. If you missed the preliminary card, we have full coverage of both the Facebook portion and the FX portion of the event. Enjoy the fights everyone.

Liz Carmouche vs. Jessica Andrade

Referee: Herb Dean

ROUND 1- Herb Dean oversees the opening bout on FOX. Andrade comes out quickly on the attack but Carmouche establishes a clinch. Carmouche has Andrade against the cage and picks her up and slams her down to the ground. Carmouche in side control but Andrade rolls onto her knees. Carmouche has the back of Andrade and is landing punches to the body. Andrade gets to her feet and Carmouche puts her against the cage. Andrade forces a switch. Carmouche switches back. Carmouche with punches to the body and head of Andrade. Andrade grabs Carmouche’s neck as Carmouche drops down for a takedown. Carmouche looks for it and scores the takedown. Carmouche is on top and lands a couple of elbows. Carmouche gets into side control as Andrade looks to push off of the cage. Andrade with an elbow from the bottom and she rolls over. Carmouche is on Andrade’s back as Andrade stands and slams her down. Andrade locks in a guillotine choke and has an arm in. Carmouche is surviving. Carmouche with a knee to the butt of Andrade. The choke is still in though. It gets it tighter and Carmouche can’t get out. Carmouche is surviving and looking to pop out. Andrade locks it in tighter but Carmouche is not in bad position. The bell sounds and Carmouche survives. Carmouche still gets the round. 10-9 Carmouche.

ROUND 2- Both women take the center of the Octagon to start the second round. Andrade attacks with punches but Carmouche picks her up and slams her down to the ground. Carmouche is in side control and landing punches from the top. Carmouche steps over into mount and starts reigning down punches. Carmouche with big ground-and-pound. Andrade rolls over and gives her back to Carmouche. Carmouche with some more hard punches as she flattens Andrade out. Carmouche looks for the rear-naked choke and has it in. Andrade is battling it and gets out. Carmouche gets mount on Andrade and is landing ground-and-pound. Andrade is surviving but gives her back up again. Nasty punches from Carmouche. Big elbows from Carmouche and Herb Dean is looking at stopping it soon. More punches as Carmouche gets mount again. Big punches from Carmouche. Andrade rolls but Carmouche is landing elbows and punches. Andrade gives her back up again and is landing more punches. Andrade is taking a beating. Carmouche flattens her out and Andrade is eating punches. Carmouche with more ground-and-pound and Herb Dean finally steps in and stops the fight. First win inside the Octagon for Carmouche.

Official Result: Liz Carmouche def. Jessica Andrade by TKO (punches) at 3:57 of Round 2

Robbie Lawler vs. Bobby Voelker

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

ROUND 1- Voelker took this fight on 16 days’ notice. Lawler is a southpaw. Lawler with a combination to start off. Lawler misses with a right hand as Voelker lands a combo. Voelker with a leg kick and Lawler counters with a body kick. Lawler then takes Voelker down to the ground. Lawler in the half-guard of Voelker. Voelker gets back to the feet but eats a knee to the body from Lawler on the way up. Lawler with a knee to the body against the cage. Lawler with a knee to the head now. Voelker is cut above his eye. Lawler with more knees as he has Voelker pinned against the cage. Lawler lands a big uppercut on the break. Voelker with a head kick. Lawler rocks Voelker with a combination. Voelker with a leg kick. Lawler with a big left hand. Lawler with a head kick that staggers Voelker. Lawler with another head kick and then lands a flying knee that rocks Voelker. Lawler with a stepping elbow. Voelker with a body kick. Lawler with a right hand. Lawler with a left hand. Voelker is surviving but is getting rocked. Lawler with another head kick. Lawler with a flying knee. They trade wild exchanges as the round ends. 10-9 Lawler.

ROUND 2- Voelker misses a right hand to start the round. Voelker lands a right hand and Lawler counters with a combo and slips. Lawler then knocks Voelker down with a head kick and after a punch on the ground Dan Miragliotta steps in and stops the fight. Big win for Lawler as he moves up into contender status.

Official Result: Robbie Lawler def. Bobby Voelker by KO (kick & punch) at :24 of Round 2

Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger

Referee: Herb Dean

ROUND 1- Herb Dean officiates the night’s most anticipated fight as the co-main event gets underway. MacDonald with a switch kick to start off as both take the center of the Octagon. MacDonald uses the jab and forces Ellenberger to miss a combination. Not much going on 90 seconds in as both are looking for an opening. MacDonald with a body shot. Ellenberger lands two left hands back-to-back. Ellenberger with a kick that is checked by MacDonald. MacDonald with a double jab at Ellenberger. Both miss on jab attempts. The crowd begins to boo at the lack of action. MacDonald tries a jab but Ellenberger uses good head movement. MacDonald with a front kick following a jab. Ellenberger lands a knee as they briefly clinch. Ellenberger misses a front kick and attacks but MacDonald backs up. Ellenberger has a head kick blocked by MacDonald. Ellenberger with a combo but MacDonald is keeping Ellenberger at a distance. Ellenberger misses on two left hands. MacDonald lands a couple of clean jabs. Not a lot of action in the opening round. Tough to score. 10-9 MacDonald.

ROUND 2- MacDonald misses a jab to start but lands a front kick. Ellenberger misses the double jab. MacDonald with a kick to the arms of Ellenberger. Ellenberger misses the double jab again. MacDonald lands the jab. Ellenberger lands a counter left hook. Ellenberger misses a left hook as he can’t close the distance. The fans begin to boo again. MacDonald with another jab. Ellenberger misses a big right hand. Ellenberger goes for the takedown but MacDonald defends though Ellenberger lands an uppercut on the break. MacDonald lands another jab. Ellenberger lands a glancing left hand as the crowd boos some more. MacDonald goes for the takedown but Ellenberger defends it. Ellenberger lands the left hand. MacDonald lands a head kick. MacDonald lands another jab. Ellenberger backs him up with a right hand. More booing from the crowd. MacDonald lands that jab yet again. Ellenberger misses a big overhand right. MacDonald with a front kick followed by a high kick. More boos from the crowd as the round ends. 10-9 MacDonald. 20-18 MacDonald.

ROUND 3- MacDonald lands a front kick to start. Ellenberger fires off but MacDonald counters with a jab and kick. MacDonald with a jab and a right hand to the body. Ellenberger misses a spinning back fist. MacDonald fakes with a front kick and fires a high kick that misses. MacDonald with a front kick. MacDonald lands that jab again and Ellenberger is having trouble getting his striking attacks off. Ellenberger lands a jab of his own and then a right hand over the top. Both men are still fighting cautiously. MacDonald slips after landing a kick and Ellenberger forces him near the cage. MacDonald with another jab. Ellenberger can’t land his left hand and misses a front kick. Huge boos from the crowd, who were expecting much more action. We were as well. MacDonald using movement to throw Ellenberger off. MacDonald with a straight right and Ellenberger counters with a kick. MacDonald with another jab. MacDonald with two straight left hands. Ellenberger fights with urgency and scores a takedown. Ellenberger is on top. Ellenberger with punches from the top. MacDonald tries to create a scramble but Ellenberger keeps him planted. Ellenberger rides the fight out on top and probably got that round due to the takedown. 10-9 Ellenberger. 29-28 MacDonald.

Official Result: Rory MacDonald def. Jake Ellenberger by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Demetrious Johnson vs. John Moraga

Referee: Herb Dean

ROUND 1- The main event for the UFC Flyweight Championship gets underway with Herb Dean as the official. Moraga quickly backs Johnson up with a combination. Moraga with a leg kick. Moraga with another combination attack as Johnson moves out of the way. Moraga with a body punch. Moraga with a body kick. They trade leg kicks. Moraga lands an overhand left. Johnson with a leg kick and Moraga fires off a right hand. Moraga with a right hand. Moraga misses a right hand and Johnson counters with a punch that forces Moraga to initiate a clinch. Moraga has Johnson against the cage but Johnson switches. Johnson drops down and gets a takedown on Moraga. Johnson steps over into side control and Moraga has his neck. Johnson escapes and is in full side control. Johnson looks for the mounted crucifix. Johnson back into half-guard. Johnson gets on top of Moraga and is looking to work some ground-and-pound in. Johnson stands up and grabs Moraga’s neck. Johnson with a knee to the shoulder of Moraga. Johnson has a guillotine choke locked in but the buzzer rings and the round ends. 10-9 Johnson.

ROUND 2- Moraga comes out with a leg kick as he tries to throw Johnson’s footwork off balance. Johnson with an inside leg kick. Johnson scores a big takedown and is in the guard of Moraga. Moraga with some elbows from the bottom. Johnson postures up and lands a left hand as he passes into side control. Johnson with an elbow. Johnson mounts Moraga in the crucifix and lands some elbows. Moraga escapes but it still on bottom. Johnson with more punches from side control. Johnson with knees to the body. Moraga spins out and gets a triangle locked in but doesn’t have hold as Johnson escapes and is back into side control. Johnson passes into full side control. Johnson with a punch to the gut of Moraga. Johnson trying to isolate an arm for a kimura. Moraga scrambles and Johnson takes his back. Johnson with knees as they get up. Johnson with a slam on Moraga and he gets the hooks in. Moraga gets back to his feet. Moraga goes for a takedown and has a leg. Moraga with a body punch followed by an overhand right as they break. Johnson with a leg kick and he rushes in with another big takedown. Johnson moves into side control and Moraga tries to scramble out. Moraga gets Johnson into half-guard. Johnson working for a kimura and lands some ground-and-pound flurry to end the round. 10-9 Johnson. 20-18 Johnson.

ROUND 3- Both men take the center of the Octagon. Johnson looking to set up the takedown and starts with a leg kick. Johnson with an inside leg kick. Johnson is telegraphing the takedown and Moraga should look to take advantage. Moraga backs Johnson up with a kick and misses a big right hand. Johnson with a fifth takedown on the fight as he is in the guard of Moraga. Johnson gets to his feet and falls back into guard with a big right hand. Johnson passes into side control. Moraga spins to his knees and gives up his back. Johnson has one hook in and looking for back mount. Johnson loses it and they get back to the feet. Johnson backs Moraga up with a knee to the body and a big right hand. Moraga has a body lock on Johnson against the cage. Moraga with a knee. Johnson spins out and takes Moraga down yet again. Johnson looking for the kimura with 90 seconds left. He has it in a little but Moraga is fighting it. Moraga spins out and escapes and has Johnson against the cage. Johnson looking to wall walk and does and they get back to the feet. Moraga with a knee to the body. Moraga gets a takedown on Johnson. Johnson ends on top and they get to the feet and break. Moraga slips after missing a spinning wheel kick and the round ends. 10-9 Johnson. 30-27 Johnson.

ROUND 4- Moraga starts off by backing Johnson up with a left hand. Johnson with a body kick. Johnson with a takedown. Johnson spins to the back of Moraga and is looking to take the back. Johnson lets Moraga up but gives him a body kick for good measure. Johnson with a body kick on Moraga. Both utilizing good footwork and neither look too tired. Johnson with a head kick. Johnson with a knee and scores his eighth takedown on the fight. Moraga forces Johnson to posture up and they get back to the feet. They clinch and Moraga gets pushed against the cage. Johnson lands an illegal knee as Moraga dropped down for a takedown. Johnson grabs Moraga’s neck and is looking for a guillotine. Johnson with some ground-and-pound and a knee to the chest of Moraga. Moraga lands a big right hand and then a flying knee but Johnson counters with another takedown. Johnson got stunned but is riding the round out on top. Johnson is bleeding as the round ends. 10-9 Johnson. 40-36 Johnson.

ROUND 5- Moraga likely needs a finish to win the championship away from Johnson. Johnson has nine takedowns heading to the final round. Moraga misses an uppercut as he backs Johnson up. Johnson with a leg kick as he looks for another takedown. Johnson gets the takedown for the tenth time. Johnson gets to his feet and moves into side control. Moraga scrambles to his knees and ducks under but Johnson takes him back down. Johnson looking to get a guillotine choke locked in and lands some knees to the shoulders. Moraga gets back to the feet but Johnson takes him back down and is back into side control. Johnson stays active with some elbows. Johnson with more elbows. Moraga is looking to spin out but Johnson has him firmly planted on the mat. Johnson is looking for the kimura or armbar. Moraga spins but Johnson locks in the armbar and Moraga verbally submits. Johnson gets the win by submission due to the armbar and remains the UFC Flyweight Champion.

Official Result: Demetrious Johnson def. John Moraga by submission (armbar) at 3:43 of Round 5

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