WINNERS ANNOUNCED?: Match Of The Week: 8.4.13 – 8.10.13

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For the first time since we’ve started this little shin-dig, we actually have a tie! And it’s not two you’d necessarily expect…


Adrian Neville vs Dean Ambrose – WWE NXT 8.7.13


Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle – TNA One Night Only Reunion 10


So not only did TNA capture a MotW but so did NXT! Obviously the allure of a Dean Ambrose/Adrian Neville match probably played a BIG part in their votes as this match was really just a tease of what these two young stars can do in the future. TNA, on the other hand, featured a match that we’ve seen numerous times but yet it always seems to deliver! Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle locked up on TNA’s “One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion” on-demand PPV & completely stole the show.

Both matches received the same amount of votes by the time voting closed & since there’s no precedent for this, both matches will move on to the August “Match Of The Month” poll!

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Nominations for next week’s poll are continuing in the Comments Section below with the new poll going live Monday.

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