WINNERS ANNOUNCED?: Match Of The Week: 8.4.13 – 8.10.13


For the first time since we’ve started this little shin-dig, we actually have a tie! And it’s not two you’d necessarily expect…


Adrian Neville vs Dean Ambrose – WWE NXT 8.7.13


Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle – TNA One Night Only Reunion 10


So not only did TNA capture a MotW but so did NXT! Obviously the allure of a Dean Ambrose/Adrian Neville match probably played a BIG part in their votes as this match was really just a tease of what these two young stars can do in the future. TNA, on the other hand, featured a match that we’ve seen numerous times but yet it always seems to deliver! Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle locked up on TNA’s “One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion” on-demand PPV & completely stole the show.

Both matches received the same amount of votes by the time voting closed & since there’s no precedent for this, both matches will move on to the August “Match Of The Month” poll!


Nominations for next week’s poll are continuing in the Comments Section below with the new poll going live Monday.

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