“The One” Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez (Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse) – Live Round-by-Round Updates & Results Of Co-Main Event

Welcome to the Inside Fights live coverage of “The One” Mayweather vs. Alvarez. Stay tuned for the co-main event of the evening.

We’ve got introductions and the pre-fight hype package over with. Now it’s time for some fisticuffs!

Round 1: Garcia is flashing a jab early and Matthyse is setting up big shots early. Garcia isn’t known for his movement but he’s moving well early in the first. He’s feeling Matthyse out; Matthyse is looking for a big shot and isn’t throwing early. He lands a nice body shot and clearly wants to turn this into a brawl. Matthyse lands a couple of big rights against the ropes and Garcia moves out of the way. Garcia’s game plan is working the jab and Matthyse is responding by working the body. This is a slow start; this is a feeling out round. Exceptionally close but Garcia takes it on my scorecard; he landed more (even if it wasn’t major) and Matthyse didn’t land more than a handful of punches. Garcia 10-9

Round 2: Garcia is working the jab again and using his movement to stay away. Matthyse is starting to land more as he lands a big hook that Garcia shrugs off. Matthyse is a lot less tentative now; he’s now engaging. He’s picking up the pace and starting to work. Garcia is still working the jab and is working the body more; he doesn’t want to get into anything extended and is defending well. Matthyse is throwing more but he isn’t landing anything massive. His defensive improvements are on display tonight. Matthyse lands a couple of big shots and Garcia uses movement to get out of the way. Matthyse is luring him into a brawl and Garcia is starting to to stand and trade with him. Matthyse 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Garcia with a nice body shot early as Garcia is trying to stick and move to start the round. Matthyse is using movement to corner him into the ropes, though. Matthyse has lured him into extended exchange and Matthyse is landing some big shots on him. Garcia is throwing but isn’t landing any power shots; he’s sticking that jab effectively but nothing else. Matthyse is countering with some big power shots as he’s willing to eat a jab to land a hook or an uppercut. Garcia isn’t catching any power shot full on but he’s not landing anything in kind, either. Garcia is more active in the final minute but Matthyse is outlanding him in terms of clean shots. 10-9 Matthyse, 29-28 Matthyse

Round 4: Garcia is keeping him at range in the fourth but Matthyse is significantly more aggressive this round. Garcia is moving backwards as Matthyse is controlling the ring. Garcia keeps throwing low, though and almost goes below the belt line a couple of times. Matthyse’s power isn’t intimidating Garcia as Garcia is using his defense well. Garcia keeps landing low, though, and that could factor in a close fight. Tony Weeks looks like he’s close to taking a point away for it. Matthyse is staying in close and Garcia is brawling with him right now. Garcia 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Garcia has felt the power and isn’t afraid of it. This is going to be interesting now as Matthyse and Garcia are trading en masse. Low blow from Garcia and Weeks still hasn’t taken a point; I’m shocked at this point. He keeps landing below the belt line and you’d think he’d take a point away right now. Garcia is working the jab and the body and Matthyse is looking to set up a big power shot; Matthyse isn’t using his body for shots. It’s more arm punches, which takes away from his power. Garcia lands low AGAIN and we get a brief respite. Garcia needs to do more than set up for one big kill shot; he needs to throw a combination to set it up. Insanely close, but Garcia is landing that jab more. 10-9 Garcia, 48-47 Garcia

Round 6: Some clinching to start and Matthyse is starting to put some combinations together. Garcia is starting to grab the body more; the body shots are starting to accumulate. Matthyse is throwing some nice straights to the body and is working up from it. Garcia’s chin is holding up so far as Matthyse has landed flush a number of times. Garcia keeps grabbing him anytime Matthyse gets in close; that body work is really becoming more effective. Garcia is keeping his hands low and has taken some head shots protecting the ribs. Matthyse 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Garcia is starting to keep at distance again but Matthyse has found his range now. Matthyse’s combinations are starting to come through; he’s not relying on the left hook alone now. Garcia’s chin is something because he’s taken some counter lefts flush and has stood still. Garcia is throwing at the right side now; Matthyse has a mouse on the right eye and he’s taking advantage of it. Garcia is fighting on his back foot now as he’s looking for the counter. Garcia with a nice combination with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Garcia, 67-66 Garcia

Round 8: In between rounds we see Matthyse’s eye and it’s nearly shut. His corner has used an anvil to push the swelling down but that won’t last once Garcia starts attacking it. Garcia lands a big hook that causes Matthyse to go for the clinch. He’s throwing hooks at that eye and Matthyse is much more defensive. Garcia is much more aggressive this round; Matthyse has to keep that right up and Garcia is doing a great job avoiding the left. Matthyse is going to the body and clinching now; that eye is giving him problems and Garcia is taking advantage of it. 10-9 Garcia, 77-75 Garcia

Round 9: Matthyse is on the defensive now, as Garcia is the aggressor. I don’t know how he can see out of that right eye as Garcia confident right now. Matthyse is walking him down but he’s not throwing; he’s looking to get close and then land but Garcia is moving towards that right eye really well. He’s making Matthyse tentative because of it; Garcia is throwing to that eye and then working the body. He’s really winging those hooks right now; he’s pushing the pace as Matthyse outlands him for the final 20 seconds. Not enough to get him the round, though. 10-9 Garcia, 87-84

Round 10: Matthyse comes out throwing that left and is landing well. That eye looks really nasty right now, though, as he’s getting hit by those left hooks and I’m not sure if he cares anymore. He’s getting desperate now as he doesn’t want a doctor to see it. That eye is changing the complexion of this fight; Garcia is cracking him with left hooks all day long and Matthyse can land some nice shots but has to keep clinching to avoid that eye being hit. Matthyse’s power isn’t doing much; Garcia is in control right now. Slip from Matthyse late that the ref calls correctly. 10-9 Garcia, 97-93

Round 11: Matthyse lands a big right and Garcia’s mouthguard is out. Weeks stops the round in a lull, though, so Garcia can get his reserve. Matthyse is coming out like he has to win and Garcia is taking some big shots. His eye may be shut right now but Matthyse is throwing some bombs anyway. Another low blow and we have a quick break from Weeks. Matthyse is really looking good so far. Garcia with a three punch combination and MATTHYSE GOES DOWN! He takes the eight and comes back up. First time in Matthyse in his career that he’s been knocked down. Garcia closes out the round strong. I think he gets it and with the knockdown he’s in command. 10-8 Garcia, 107-101

Round 12: Final round and this is a heck of a fight. Matthyse comes out and he knows he’s losing. Garcia is maintaining his distance right now and Matthyse is fighting like a desperate man. He’s pressing forward and is taking some to that swollen eye in exchange. Garcia looking for the counter and lands a great four punch combination midway through the round. Garcia is now in control of the round as he’s landing some beautiful combinations. Matthyse is only connecting once and Garcia is landing big. Garcia punctuates it with a low blow and loses a point with 37 seconds left. Garcia is now on the bicycle, staying away. Matthyse gets him into a fight ending flurry and the final 20 seconds are a wild brawl. 10-8 Matthyse, 117-109 Garcia on my scorecard

Official decision coming

Garcia wins via unanimous decision 115-111, 114-112 x2

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