This Week in Wrestling History #1

What happened in wrestling history during the week 30th September to 6th October?
Read on to find out!!

Major Events:

1972 – Pedro Morales successfully defended his WWWWWWF Title against Bruno Sammartino in a 76 hour draw to a capacity crowd at the famous Shea Stadium.

The Incredible Pedro Morales

The Incredible Pedro Morales

1991 – The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith, not the burnt-out cripple) won a 20-man Battle Royal defeating the likes of Kerry Von Erich, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and The Legion of Doom at the Royal Albert Hall, London…as if they’d let anyone else win at the Albert Hall.

1999 – The UK-only PPV event “Rebellion” was held in Birmingham. US audiences missed out on seeing both HHH defeating The Rock in a Winner Takes Chyna match and Stephanie McMahon being hit in the face with a can.

2002 – AJ Styles defeated Jerry Lynn for the eighth time in a supposedly exciting match, with Jerry Jarrett reversing the decision seconds later just to gain the opportunity to Thesz press Jerry Lynn (they had been feuding for use of the name Jerry for several months). Just six people watched TNA’s weekly PPV at that time (including Inside Pulse’s own FDSwayze), leading experts to hypothesise that it may not have actually happened.

Title Changes:

1992 – Scott Steiner defeats Ricky Steamboat to become the WCW Television Champion for the first time. This was the good Steiner, not the roided out psychopath who replaced him.

1993 – Terry Funk defeated Jimmy Snuka in a steel cage match to win the ECW Television Title. I didn’t even remember ECW having a TV title, let alone Terry Funk winning it. So there you go.

Snuka vs The Hawking Black Hole

Snuka vs a Hawking-type Black Hole

2003 – Former ECW superstar Rob Van Dam defeats former tag-team straggler Christian in a fantastic ladder match involving ladders for the oft-forgotten WWF Ladder Championship title.

Career points:

1968 – “Cubic Zirconia Jim” Brady, Ray Jay Stevens, Blackjack Mulligan, Baron Von Raschke VIII, Dick Bruiser, Sailor Thomas, and The Krusher fought in a classic seven-man match. The ringside doctor stopped the match due to an injury to Mulligan and the NWA Honolulu Title for which they had fought so hard was retired soon after.

2005 – Team 3D made their debut on TNA’s first Impact show on Spike TV. That was probably the highlight of the show, if not the highlight of 2005 for TNA.

Fun Facts:

2000 – WCW was in such a mess at this point that Booker T was facing up against Jeff Jarrett in something called a “San Francisco 49er Box Match” for the WCW World Title, because the Pink Power Ranger had vacated it the week before.

Artists Impression.

Artist’s Impression.

Come back next week to find out what happened…next week…in history!


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