[Contest] UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 DVD Giveaway

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As a sign of thanks for your years of support, we’re giving away two (2) copies of the UFC Ultimate Fights Collection 2013 and two (2) The Ultimate Fighter Season 17: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen DVD sets. Yes, we’re pretty awesome like that, but we want to pay it forward this time and remind you all that without you guys, we’re pretty much just a tiny little site. You make Inside Fights fun. So, enter, share the giveaway and put this thing out there!

And that’s not all: if you don’t manage to win one of the two (2) UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 DVD sets, you’ve still got a chance to win one of two (2) copies of The Ultimate Fighter Season 17: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen on DVD as well.

Enter the giveaway below:

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UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 Edition comes in a collectable box and features over 200 epic fights and 50 hours of action that took place inside the Octagon® from July 2012 to June 2013. The collection is packed full of hard-hitting bouts featuring UFC superstars such as Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Cain Velasquez and Georges St-Pierre. History-making moments include the crowning of the UFC’s first-ever flyweight and women’s bantamweight champions. The collector’s set showcases the best fights from every Pay-Per-View, FOX network, and The Ultimate Fighter Finale during 2012-2013, including all main event and championship fights.

UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 Edition is available for pre-order now.

Over 200 fights? Just enter the contest!

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