DVD Review: The Oral Generation

Sadly The Oral Generation is not the history of the first class at Oral Roberts University. This is a film that won’t be shown at Oral’s student theater any time in the next century. The Oral Generation is a time machine visit back to a seedy cinema in 1970. At this point in history, adult films had to have an educational focus in order to skirt the community standards issue. Many of them featured an instructional voice explaining certain pseudo-science and sociological details in the images on the screen. Think of these movies as extremely naughty Encyclopedia Britannica films. If The Oral Generation was wheeled into science class on the 16mm projector, people would have kept their eyes open when the lights went out. Afterward the teacher and the AV Department would have been arrested. But that’s would have made school extremely interesting.

Since The Oral Generation is barely an hour long, Vinegar Syndrome has loaded up the running time with four short films from that wonderful year. This gives you the full programming effect that Travis Bickle would have enjoyed at his favorite Times Square theater. “Clinical Sex” sends a wife to see a medical professional to see what’s wrong with her body in bed. The doctor does more than as her to bend over and cough. His nurse also helps in his intensive therapy plan with another female patient. What school gave this guy an education? He has diplomas from the University of Southern California on his wood paneled walls. In fact they are the BA and MA given to director Kemal Horulu (Lustful Feeling). Go Trojans! “Any Way You Like It” focuses on various massage devices and a woman who prefers the human touch. “Naked Sexes” is chaste affair between four women and three guys with creative mustaches. They’re just laughing in their birthday suits. “The Different Sex” focuses on a college co-ed eager to do research for her paper in human biology. She gets two guys to put her thesis into practice. These guys are so good, they can get lucky while still wearing their shorts. The co-ed’s massive sunglasses and headband will dazzle fashion fans. The voice over from the co-ed is very scientific. Oral Generation is all about the things people can do with their tongue. There’s even a bit of educational input about how these acts might be against your state laws. No major stars appear although one actor predicts the arrival of Black Belt Jones. The opening has prime Times Square marquees including one hyping a massive Godzilla triple feature.

Overall The Oral Generation is an interesting program for those eager for a night of Travis Bickle-style movie watching. The way the filmmakers did their best to make these films educational is hilarious. The narration makes you almost feel a bit clinical as you receive the information. But once the mandatory educational content level is reached, the characters get to enjoy themselves. The lesson plan kicks back when they’ve successful passed their oral exams. Did the audiences back in 1970 took notes while shifting in their sticky seats? Their tongues must have been wagging for weeks after seeing this instructional film.

The video is 1.37 full frame. The transfers are properly color balanced so that nobody looks like a red lobster while exposing themselves on the screen. Once more Vinegar Syndrome’s restoration work brings out the beauty that the filmmakers wanted to display during the original release. The audio is mono. The sound mixes on these films were rather rough. Most of them were completely done in post-production. You won’t miss out on the educational details.

The Oral Generation Trailer (2:08) ought to feature a spoiler alert warning. They give away way too much of the plot.

The Oral Generation Outtake (10:10) stars a red headed woman on a black and red checkerboard sofa. She and her boyfriend enjoy a little KFC action when they lick each other’s fingers clean. Hard to tell why this scene was snipped off. Perhaps theater owners just weren’t the eager to show redheads on the big screen.

The Oral Generation is a perfect presentation of what producers had to do to make their adult film be considered educational in nature. This film is now educational in a historic sense. You get a sense what sort of movie you can make with two degrees from the University of Southern California.

Vinegar Syndrome presents The Oral Generation. Directed by Kemal Horulu. Rated: NC-17. Running Time: 117 minutes. Released: October 8, 2013.