Happy Batsgiving! A DC Comics Teaser

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Scott Snyder released a piece of art from Jason Fabok, on Wednesday, to tease the upcoming Batman: Eternal.



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So the reason this caught my eye, and I mean, it REALLY caught my eye, was not the art, it wasn’t the catchy “Happy Batsgiving”, and it wasn’t even the lack of Nightwing….it was that purple hoodie. A SPOILER warning, maybe?

But seriously, it’s filled with hints towards the future, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Gordon, for starters, who looks like he’s in cuffs, and according to Mike Marts, something crazy will be happening in the first issue of the upcoming weekly series.

Batwoman is with her fiancee, Maggie Sawyer, and that ring is SHINY. For all of the hate DC took over the characters not getting married, it’s not as if they’re burying the relationship. I’m going to assume them to be front and center for a while.

Same goes for that Owl. There are no people in masks, and there isn’t a Talon to be seen, but that bird makes it clear that the Court is not to be forgotten.

What seems to be forgotten, though I imagine that can’t be farther from the truth, is the omission of Nightwing. Bleeding Cool has been talking about how Dick could be killed off, and it’s not as if DiDio hasn’t contemplated that before, but it just feels like wasted potential to kill him off at this point. Maybe he’s the blonde guy next to Red Robin, or maybe he’s under the Red Hood behind Babs (which opens up Jason questions, though he could also be that mysterious blonde guy).

Who is that mysterious blonde guy?

You’ve got a villains table with Pyg, Penguin, Catwoman, Joker’s Daughter and two kids I don’t know. Pyg is an interesting addition in that he’s always around, and you can tell that DC likes the Morrison creation, but for all of his appearances outside of his creators pen…he hasn’t really don’t anything. Snyder looks like he intends to change that.

Then you’ve got the kids area. Red Robin and Harper Row…and a girl in a purple hoodie. We already know that Stephanie Brown is coming back in the pages of Eternal, and she does love her purple hoods. I’m officially marking this up as a SPOILER warning and going off to squee quietly.

Alright, enough of that, there’s more stuff! Like the cauldron on the pile of bones! Or Titus with the Robin on his back! Ooooh, how about the way Batgirl is looking at Batwing? What if Dick takes the mantle from Luke and he becomes yet another short lived and easily forgotten child of Lucius Fox?

Final question of mine though….why is Batman sitting down? The kids are sitting down, the blonde dude is sitting down, and Joker’s Daughter is hiding under the table…but everyone else is standing up. Why is Batman, who has at times been editorial mandated to NOT sit down, sitting down?

I want some answers! When is Batman: Eternal coming out again?

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