Infinity #6 Spoilers: Is Thane, Son of Thanos, A Hero Or Villain? What’s Next For Thanos & What Are The Illumaniti Up To As Marvel Marches To Inhumanity #1? (Marvel Now In Review)

Marvel Comics’ Infinity event wraps up this week with the over-sized Infinity #6.

The Infinity mini-series event introduced Thane, the son of major Marvel baddie Thanos (top Thane origin spoilers from Infinity #4 & 5 here). The character of Thane was first revealed, perhaps mistakenly, via the Avengers Alliance game and his powers were also previously teased in the Thane variant cover for Infinity #6 (variant spoilers here).

With all that recent history out-of-the-way, we delve right into Marvel Now’s Infinity #6!

Spoilers follow.

Thane remains captive and being manipulated as the Avengers take on Thanos to end his quest.

However, the Avengers aren’t enough. It takes Thane to turn the tide against his father Thanos.

As alluded to in the Avengers Alliance game, Thane has the power of life and death, but it’s “really” called living death and (plain old) death. Anyone interested in Thanos-In-Amber?

Will Thane be a hero or villain? Well, the teaser of things to come do not look promising. Thane replaces his father as a universal threat?

Plus, we have Marvel’s Illumaniti – the heroes that plan and scheme to protect the Marvel Universe from itself – making plans as the Marvel Now Universe heads into Inhumanity #1 and perhaps to deal with Marvel Now’s new wildcard: Thane?

I wonder in what books we’ll see Thane in next? Perhaps Inhumanity? If you have thoughts on that or on Infinity #6, please share.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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