Marvel’s Infinity #6 Variant Cover Confirms Superpowers Of The Inhuman Thane, Son Of Thanos (Preview & Spoilers)

Fans are eagerly awaiting Marvel’s Infinity #6 out November #27.

The cosmic yet very (in)human mini-series appears to kick off Marvel’s attempt to raise the profile of the Inhumans. Inhumanity #1 and Inhuman #1 spin out of Infinity focusing on the growth of the Inhumans population (think super-powered genetically experimented on beings instead of x-mutants; feared yet powerful; Marvel’s current Inhuman explanation here).

Marvel has released all four covers to Infinity #6. It includes a cover by Jerome Opena that appears to include concept sketches of Thane, the son of uber-villain Thanos, who debuted in Infinity #4. Thane’s origin spoilers here from Infinity #4, 5 and 6.

It would appear that in advance of Thane’s in-comic use of superpowers, that his Inhuman powers that were inadvertently released earlier tied to Avengers Alliance, were confirmed on Opena’s variant cover (third one below). Thane also makes it onto the Skottie Young Marvel Now Baby Variant too (fourth cover below).

Buyer beware as this over-sized conclusion to Infinity has a $5.99 cover price.

Spoilers follow.

With the black arm versus the regular arm, it sure looks like Thane will have the stated power over life and death.

Also, as an aside, I just discovered that there was an Inhumans 2099 and an Ultimate Inhumans from Marvel. Were they interesting reads?

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