The Sound of Music Live! Review


Carrie Underwood as Maria

Did you guys catch The Sound of Music Live? You might have heard about it, since it was starring American Idol winner/country music superstar Carrie Underwood. I, of course, watched. Live TV events that provide lots of Twitter fodder, musicals, Carrie Underwood…these are a few of my favorite things! (Nailed it.)

I gathered from Twitter that many people expected a remake of the film. It wasn’t. It was a live, filmed version of the stage show. However, the fact that it was in an empty soundstage and not in front of an audience in a theater gave it a weird vibe from the start. The acting was pretty stage-y and stiff, but it was what I expected.

I thought Carrie Underwood did very well with the singing, but her acting reminded me of a shy kid who unexpectedly scored lead role in the school play. She seemed nervous and was reciting her lines rather than acting them. Her biggest obstacle, even more so than her acting (because, honestly, everyone’s acting was bad) is that she was probably too famous to really become Maria. But, I certainly thought it could have been worse.

Her best moment was probably singing “The Lonely Goatherd” during a thunderstorm (in the movie version, Maria sings “My Favorite Things” here). It’s a super hard, super high energy song and Carrie nailed it. It’s also a fun time to make fun of what wusses these kids are for being so afraid of some thunder.

Pull it together, Freidrich. #SoundofMusic

— Jill Mader (@jillemader) December 6, 2013


— Jill Mader (@jillemader) December 6, 2013

I wasn’t thrilled with the casting of Stephen Moyer, and he was probably my least favorite part of the show. He was too harsh, even when he was supposed to be acting kind. And the singing, well… it wasn’t quite there. He stood out like a sore thumb when the Von Trapp family was trying to convince the Nazis that they were a singing group.

The musical definitely seemed more political than the movie. Unless I was too young to catch on last time I saw the film, there was definitely more Nazi stuff here. Also? Worst Nazis ever. How did they not spot those kids?

I bet Captain Von Trapp is really regretting not letting his kids play. Their Hide and Go Seek skills suuuuuuuck. #soundofmusic#TSOML

— Jill Mader (@jillemader) December 6, 2013

And why was Rolf in shorts the whole time?

Even Rolf is rocking the shorts and kneesocks look? I thought he was like, 17 going on 18? #SoundofMusic

— Jill Mader (@jillemader) December 6, 2013

Also, this Rolf is more like 17 going on 35. And smokin’ hot, even in the lame shorts. #SoundofMusic

— Jill Mader (@jillemader) December 6, 2013

No one’s getting shot by a boy in shorts. #SoundofMusic #SOML

— Jill Mader (@jillemader) December 6, 2013

Overall, I enjoyed watching The Sound of Music Live. The format wasn’t something we’re used to seeing on TV, but I think there’s definitely potential. I’d love to see NBC try this again some time. What did you guys think?