10 Thoughts: TNA Impact Wrestling 2.20.14 (Magnus, Gunner, Samoa Joe, James Storm)

viscera RIP

1. Nice and simple tribute to the death of Nelson Frazier, Jr (aka Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V). He had a long run in WWE, longer than most people realize. And considering his size, was able to move around rather easily and although he was never a World Champion, he was definitely a monster when he got in the ring. RIP Frazier and thank you for forever having the guts (in my mind) to wear suspenders with a giant purple windbreaker outfit.

2. I sure hope this Bobby Roode story is going somewhere because right now he just seems like a placeholder. He’s the guy they need to put in the ring because he’s a bad guy. Such a waste of talent if that’s all they have for him.

3. Hey, TNA! You know if you hadn’t ridiculed, degraded and destroyed the value of the Samoa Joe character, you wouldn’t need him to defeat your tag team champions cleanly in a 3 on 1 match, thus destroying ANY legitimacy the BroMans/DJ Zema MAY have had.

4. So maybe they’re not done with Roode & a possible Beer Money reunion! I’m all in on a reunion but it better be on the babyface side because crowds will go nuts for them.

5. That was a really cool video showing the global reach of TNA & they ended it with a storyline catfight? Awful.

6. Now not only is there a new investor but Dixie Carter is allowed to just give away 10% of the entire company? So it seems like MVP owns 50% of TNA and now if his team wins at Lockdown, Bobby Roode gets 10% leaving Dixie Carter (& the Carter family) with 40% of TNA? For a company that prides its self on edgier storyline and an older fanbase, there’s a lot of suspension of disbelief needed here.

7. Finally a tag team debut for The Wolves and against no one better than Bad Influence. And damn were they showcased. Does TNA even realize that teams like this are on the roster and the BroMans are the TNA Tag Team Champions? It’s hard to watch shows like this when it seems like that good booking appears so logical and yet it’s not capitalized on.

8. OK, the idea of the Willow character is growing on me. The promos are creepy but interesting and Jeff Hardy doesn’t sound like Jeff Hardy. Hardy always prided himself on being VERY creative. Maybe this time it’ll actually work. Maybe.

9. I never would have thought that I’d be watching a one-on-one match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match featuring Gunner. The former member of “TNA Security” is wrestling for TNA’s top prize. I really don’t know what to say.

10. It wasn’t the prettiest looking superkick from James Storm but from the crowd’s reaction it definitely was a shock. Unfortunately these shows are pre-taped and no matter how hard I try not to read spoilers, things are going to leak out and Storm’s heel turn was one of those things. I was pleasantly surprised with the match Magnus and Gunner put together. I haven’t seen Gunner in a singles’ match in a while and I think for the length & opponent provided, he’s improvement is far and away better than I thought possible. It’s probably not the best thing though when this reviewer is left dreaming of a Beer Money reunion because of James Storm’s turn.

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