RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.24.14 (Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Roman Reigns)

1. Honestly, I feel like we got the correct dosage of Hulk Hogan tonight. It didn’t take too much of the spotlight off the rest of the show, charged up the crowd and Hulk narrowly dug himself out of a “launching of the WWE Universe” botch. If he takes a similar approach at Mania, I’ll be content with it and maybe even be understanding of a leg drop.

2. Jerry Lawler acknowledged the “Boo-tista” chants from EC last night, stripping the chant of it’s coolness. It’s time to pack it up. ABORT!

3. Apparently, Batista didn’t get the “talk over CM Punk chants” memo.

4. Cesaro can simply do no wrong at this point. WWE needs to turn him face before the fans do it for them (if it hasn’t happened already).

5. So I was actually beginning to get excited for Cena/Wyatt tonight until I saw a picture of Cena’s knee after the Wyatt beat-down. I’m no doctor but a knee isn’t suppose to look like that and doesn’t look like it will be serviceable in 40 days. But, again, I’m not a doctor and the injury could be nothing. I know how it would make sense for me to post a link to the picture of Cena’s knee but I’m too much of a pansy to look at it again. Bring on your mockery, I stand by it.

6. Daniel Bryan vs Kane. When it was first announced, I admit that I scoffed at the idea. I admit that my scoffing was incorrect and how dare I forget the chemistry Daniel Bryan and Kane had/still have. Also, how dare I short change Kane especially since this came after we watched a younger Batista gasp for air for an entire match/promo. Not to mention Kane also wrestled in slacks. I like WWE’s logic of Kane not knowing about being booked into matches so he does so in slacks and undershirts but still has the foresight for elbow pads and boots.

7. I still understand why people like Emma. I feel nothing but anger when I see her make her entrance and interact with Santino. Sure, her submission move looked impressive but it wasn’t enough to quell my anger. If someone wants to explain Emma to me, I promise I’ll try to listen.

8. Green Bay, why are you so delusional? Of all the moments you all could’ve crapped on and you pick the Bray and Roman match? Did none of them see the match of the year contender between Wyatts and Shield last night? sure, this match was a little slower but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad match. Maybe it’s just me being sensitive due to me loving both men involved in the match. Also, I’m a stereotypical Chicago Bears fan that hates the citizens of Green Bay. Again, bring on your mockery, I stand by it.

9. I still don’t know how I feel about Daniel Bryan facing HHH at WM30. It makes sense given HHH has been the core of Bryan’s problems since Summerslam but it’s not the championship and maybe I just need to accept it and move on. Also, it’s hard to not blame this on Punk leaving.

10. I really was not looking forward to Brock/Taker at WM30, not really for any specific reason but I find myself getting caught up in the final segment of Raw and incredibly enthralled after Taker “stabbed” Brock’s hand into the contract. Undertaker seems to have grown The Ministry goatee back and I’m hoping this means he can shoot lightning once again. Also, this will be the 2nd Taker match in a row that Heyman is involved in. Maybe the remainder of Taker WM matches will be against Heyman guys. Undertaker vs Curtis Axel at Wrestlemania 31 confirmed.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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