DVD Review: ‘Signature Sounds: The Music Of The WWE’ DVD

WWE Signature Sounds DVD cover art

Are you a big fan of a certain WWE’s Superstar’s theme music? Maybe you still use “Sexy Boy” as your ringtone? Or maybe you’re more modern & are still “Fandango-ing” any chance you get? Whatever the case may be, if you were ever curious about how a WWE Superstar gets his or her explosive entrance music; this is the DVD that clears all that up and gives you a behind the scenes look at how these songs are composed.

WWE Home Video’s newest release “Signature Sounds: The Music Of The WWE” embraces the new “WWE Countdown” formula and provides the top 25 WWE entrance themes in history. The countdown spans Superstars’ themes from the early 80s to the present and provides a behind the scenes look at how WWE’s head of the music department, Jim Johnston, went about creating the track.

Johnston provides in-depth looks into how a character’s theme may start from the basic keystroke or guitar riff and grows into what you see on TV every week. Exclusive interviews with stars like Edge, Dusty Rhodes, Trish Stratus, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and more add the wrestlers’ perspective to the music that gets them hyped before bursting through the curtain.

It’s amazing to see Jim Johnston’s process of developing music for someone like Fandango where all he was told  was that he needed to create a theme for an “over the top dancer similar to ‘Dancing With The Stars'”. The one drawback I found with this DVD is that I would have liked to learn more about the thought process that went into creating all of these intriguing themes. Some of the back stories are explained but its an area of the DVD that could have been expanded on much more. Extra features provided include bonus videos for Val Venis, Maria, a “special song” for Shawn Michaels and more. All in all, this was a nice look into the rarely seen studios of WWE and the maestro behind some of the most memorable songs in WWE history.

I’d have to give “Signature Sounds: The Music Of The WWE” a 4 out of 5 rating – A very good DVD on its own but one that could have added much more.

“Signature Sounds: The Music Of The WWE” is available now at your local retail stores or online at Shop.WWE.com.

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