CB’s WrestleMania 30 Match Preview: Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan, the Precursor to the Triple Threat Main Event WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

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At WrestleMania 30, it all finally comes to a head when Triple H fights Daniel Bryan in a culminating battle between The Authority and The YES! Movement.

Like John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, I feel like this match has been booked very well leading up to WrestleMania XXX. Much to the chagrin of the conspiracy tHHHeorists, Triple H — with a huge assist to Stephanie McMahon — has played his heel character to perfection leading up to this encounter with Bryan, and Mah Boy D-Bry right there has had some awesome moments of his own with the Occupy Raw movement a few weeks back and the final attack on Hunter in the Monday Night Raw WrestleMania 30 go home segment:

Now, with all of that said, it is now up to WWE to finish this up the way it needs to be finished. I am hoping that they don’t get too cute here and decide to deny the fans what they truly want, or do something screwy like have HHH win this match and then backdoor Bryan into the main event via Hulk Hogan or other means.

No, in this case, on this stage, Daniel Bryan MUST beat the holy hell out of Triple H and win this match.

As for the main event itself, I’ll have more on that in the preview for that match.

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