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Welcome to the Live Coverage Report for TNA Sacrifice for tonight starting at 8 P.M. EST!

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TNA Sacrifice 2014

We open the PPV with an Eric Young/Magnus video package.  Taz and Mike Tenay are your commentators for the evening.

TNA Tag Team Championship Handicap Match

The BroMans (DJ Z, Robbie E, Jessie Godderz) (c) vs. The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)

Eddie Edwards says week after week the BroMans have gotten themselves DQ’d.  He says tonight is going to be different.  He hands a letter for Christy Hemme to read.  She says this match (per MVP) is a No DQ match.  The two teams go back and forth leading to a double hurricanrana from The Wolves.  They dump the BroMans outside and then throw their third man (DJ Z) over the top on top of them.  They follow this by suicide dives on top of them. They come back in and hit a atomic drop into a slap for a two.  Robbie E starts throwing kicks, but he gets chopped and kicked by the other two men for his measure.  Davey throws Robbie towards Eddie who hits a big roundhouse for two.  The three man team take over by jumping Davey.  They take down Eddie.  Jessie is now the legal man and he whips Eddie off the ropes and hits a scoop slam.  Robbie tags in and gets a two.  Robbie starts throwing punches on Eddie.  He pulls some tape off and chokes Eddie with.  No DQ so that’s legal.  DJ Z comes in and kicks Eddie, he hits a chop, elbow, and then chokes him on the rope and hits a neckbreaker.  Eddie gets set up on the second turnbuckle and all three men hit him with knees.  Robbie slams him and locks in a headlock.  Eddie powers up, but to no avail.  He tries again, but gets thrown back to the mat.  Jessie comes in and stomps on Eddie.  Eddie fights up, but eats a drop kick.  Jessie locks in a big bearhug.  Eddie claps his ears, headbutts him, and fights out.  He hits a backdrop and both men are down.  Eddie goes for a tag, but DJ Z pulls Davey off the apron preventing the tag.  Robbie drags out Eddie and slams him into the apron.  Jessie comes out and stomps away on him.  Back in and Eddie hits a double hurricanrana on Robbie and Jessie, he tags out and Davey is taking out everyone.  He hits a springboard roundhouse to DJ Z and then a duel drop kick off the top to the other two.  DJ Z hits a Jessie.  Eddie and Davey hit a powerbomb/backstabber combo.  They ascend the top ropes and both hit double stomps on Jessie for the win!

Winners (and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions):  The Wolves

We go to the commentators who discuss the title match-up.  In the back it’s Jeremy Borash waiting outside to use #TNASacrifice.  Samuel Shaw is there and JB asks him if he’s thought about the match.  Shaw says Creepy Bastard?  He says he can’t go inside the psych ward tonight or ever.  He says his mother brought him up into the young, attractive, and artistic match.  He says that this match is for Christy.

They show a video package hyping Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson.

Padded Wagon Match

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Christy Hemme is sitting at ringside.  Anderson chants fill the arena before the match.  Shaw stays on the outside, he goes in for bell, and rolls back out.  Anderson runs outside, but Shaw uses Hemme for a shield.  He throws her towards Anderson, but he dodges her and clocks Shaw.  He punches Shaw around the ring.  Ken slams his head on the railing.  Back in and Anderson hits a high-elevation backdrop.  He takes Shaw over the top of the rope and we’re back out.  Shaw reverses Ken and slams his head into the apron.  Shaw slides back in.  He tries to spear Ken throw the ropes, but misses and flies outside.  Ken stomps away on him.  He slams Shaw’s head into the apron.  He slams him into the apron again.  Shaw locks Anderson in a unique chokehold that looks like a reverse Cobra Clutch.  Samuel leaves him alone afterwards and chases Hemme.  He corners her in the ring and is threatening her.  He calls her a bitch and Hemme slaps him.  She slides out and runs towards the entranceway.  Anderson hits some clotheslines into a neckbreaker.  Shaw slides out and chases Hemme.  Anderson follows him and slams his head into the guardrail again.  He stomps on Shaw’s hand.  He stomps on Shaw’s abdomen.  Anderson sets up for a mic check ff the ramp, but Shaw fights out.  Anderson hits a Green Bay Plunge on the entrance.  He tells Shaw he’s going for a ride.  They begin t move backstage and Ken hits Shaw with the chair in the gut and then over the back.  Ken punches Shaw.  Ken says he has an idea and throws Shaw into the guardrail that wasn’t guarding anything.  He punches Shaw again.  And again.  They go backstage to the interview area and Anderson tells JB to interview him.  Anderson makes a weird voice and says that the match isn’t going very well after JB asks.  He puts him on a dolly and slams it into the gearboxes.  Anderson opens the padded wagon, but Shaw jumps him.  Hemme comes back to reason with Shaw.  She hits him in the groin.  He looks up at her and Anderson hits a mic check on Shaw onto the padded wagon back and then throws him into the wagon to win the match.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

JB is in the back with EC3 and Rockstar Spud.  He asks if EC3 is in the wrong.  He says is making an impact in the wrong?  He congrats Angle on being a champion and a gold medalist.  He says Angle will never beat him.  Spud says he’s got a bone to pick with Willow and he’s here to help EC3.

Kurt Angle & Willow vs. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud

Willow comes out with an umbrella.  Alrighty.  Pretty unique new gimmick for him though.  EC3 and Angle start out.  Angle walks up and EC3 ducks under the ropes.  EC3 tags in Spud who argues it.  He gets fired up, but Angle tells him to get out.  Spud looks unsure, but Angle tells him he’ll kick his ass back to England.  EC3 tags in, but ducks out of the ring before they lockup.  Angle gets on his knees letting EC3 take control.  EC3 runs for a kick, but Angle reverses into an Ankle Lock.  EC3 escapes by tagging out.  Spud meets with EC3 before Willow jumps off the top rope with his umbrella.  Angle comes out and attacks EC3.  There’s a Mary Poppins chant.  Willow steps inside with Spud.  EC3 jumps him from behind.  Willow hits elbows to both men before hitting a Whisper in the Wind.  Willow hits Spud’s head on the turnbuckle ten times.  He pokes Spud and splashes him for a two.  EC3 clotheslines him.  Spud starts throwing punches.  He tags out and EC3 hits a suplex on Willow.  EC3 hits a big splash in the corner.  He gets a two count on Willow.  He locks in a half-nelson on Willow.  EC3 is trying to get the crowd invested.  Hardy hits a jawbreaker and hits a Jeff Hardy-esque dragonair.  EC3 is jumped from behind by Angle.  He hits three German suplexes, locks in the Angle Lock.  Spud comes in and gets locked into the Angle Lock.  EC3 hits a chop block on the surgically repaired knee of Angle.  Willow hits an atomic drop and then a double leg to the groin move that Jeff Hardy did.  Willow hits a step up into the corner move that The Hardys used to do using Spud as his catapult.  Willow hits the Twist of Fate, into the Angle Slam, into the Swanton Bomb for the three.

Winner:  Willow and Kurt Angle

They interview Eric Young backstage who says he has the dream of everyone.  He says he’s just like everyone else and he’s happy to defend his belt at Sacrifice.  Eric Young says he’s not leaving without his belt.

Knox and a girl are talking in a car.  He says he’s bringing Crazy Steve.  She isn’t happy about it.

They show a video package showing a guy named Sanada winning the X-Division Championship.  He talks about being the next generation of warrior.

X-Division Championship

Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

This is the rubber match to decide who is the champion.  They lockup and Tigre flips Sanada down and pins him for a quick one.  They stand off and start again.  Sanada hits a big hurricanrana.  Sanada goes like a suicide dive but lands on the apron.  Tigre jumps in, suplexes Sanada in, but he reverses into an abdominal stretch.  They roll around the ring.  Sanada takes over, but Tigre hits a unique armdrag and gets a one count.  He hits a big reverse kick for a two.  Tigre starts kicking at the hamstring of Sanada.  Tigre locks in a unique figure four armbar?!  It looks good whatever it is.  Sanada fights out and goes for a reverse DDT.  Tigre fights out and goes for a springboard move, but it is reversed by Sanada with a dropkick.  Sanada gets a two.  Sanada gets reversed into the corner and takes some chops.  Sanada is flipped onto the apron and takes a big dropkick.  Tigre hits a spiraling dive over the top rope onto Sanada.  They go back in and Tigre is taking blows from Sanada.  Tigre hits a big kick to stop the momentum.  Tigre hits a splitleg moonsault that is reversed.  Sanada goes for a springboard chop twice, but Tigre reverses the third and rolls up Sanada for a two.  He hits a release suplex onto the turnbuckle and two count for Tigre.  Tigre ascends with Sanada standing, but Sanada knocks out Tigre’s legs.  Sanada hits a super hurricanrana.  Sanada hits a tiger-suplex for a two.  Sanada goes for moonsault and lands on his feet.  Tigre rolls up Sanada for a two.  Tigre uses a high-cradle DDT, and misses the 450 splash afterwards.  Sanada hits a moonsault off the top rope to win it.

Winner (and NEW X-Division Champion):  Sanada

Sanada extends his hand post-match and Tigre Uno shakes it.

JB is in the back and is interviewing James Storm.  Storm says he’s the cowboy and he can call himself the starmaker.  He says he made Gunner a star.  He says he made Gunner’s daddy a star.  He says he can destroy a star as quickly as he made one.  He says God will strike you down.  He says sorry… not sorry.

They show a video package highlighting their feud.

I Quit Match

James Storm vs. Gunner

Storm points at Gunner as the match starts.  They trade blows.  Storm takes advantage until Gunner punches him. Gunner hits a clothesline.  Storm clotheslines Gunner over the top.  The guardrail falls on top of Gunner.  Storm stomps on Gunner’s leg which is trapped beneath.  Storm sets the railing against the ring.  Gunner slams Storm’s head against the steel steps.  Gunner runs up the steps and hits a big clothesline knocking Storm into the railing.  Gunner rolls Storm in.  He goes under the ring and finds a trash can full of goodies as Tazz says.  Storm attacks Gunner as he enters the ring.  They trade blows on the apron.  Storm hits a stunner with Gunner’s feet on the top rope.  Storm pulls at Gunner’s face.  Storm chokes Gunner on the rope.  Storm grabs two steel chairs.  Make that three.  Storm hits Gunner in the gut and then over the back with the chair.  Gunner says no into the mic.  Storm kicks Gunner in the face and picks him up to hit another clothesline.  Storm hits Gunner over the back with a cookie sheet.  Gunner chokes Storm on the bottom turnbuckle.  He blocks Gunner’s clotheline with a big boot.  Gunner hits a high running knee.  Storm says he won’t quit.  Gunner smashes a trash can lid over Storm’s head.  They trade trash can lid shots over the head until they drop them.  Gunner smashes a trash can  over the top of Storm’s head.  He hits a flying headbutt.  Storm reverses Gunner’s run by pushing him into the turnbuckle pole.  Storm big boots Gunner’s draped body.  Storm pulls Gunner out onto the steel steps and DDTs him on it!  Gunner looks limp but says no.  Storm rolls Gunner back in.  Storm goes under the ring and finds a beer bottle.  He gets back in and beckons Gunner to get up.  Gunner gets up and takes the shot full on.  Gunner still says no.  Gunner is bleeding now and storm starts striking Gunner.  Storm puts Gunner in a Boston crab, and he gets to the ropes.  Storm drops it and attacks the referee who tried to pull him off of Gunner.  He takes the ref’s belt and whips Gunner who again says no.  He continues slapping Gunner over the back, but Gunner says piss off.  Gunner eats a superkick and says ‘Never, never, never.’  Storm goes to cut open Gunner’s head with some glass!  Storm smears some of Gunner’s blood on his chest.  He throws Gunner to the corner and he slow crawls up.  He slams Gunner’s head into a different turnbuckle then another.  Gunner seems to be Hulking up and he smashes his own head into the turnbuckle.  He hits a couple of strikes and clothesline in the corner.  Gunner hits three Hanger 18s.  Gunner sets up a chair in the center of the ring with another opposite of it.  Gunner takes Storm to the top rope.  They trade headbutts until Gunner falls down and smashes Storm with the cookie sheet.  Gunner brings the guardrail into the ring and sets it up on the steel chairs!  Gunner hits a big superplex onto the guardrail!  Gunner grabs a piece of glass now and threatens to cut him unless he says I Quit!  He begins to cut him when Storm screams I Quit!

Winner:  Gunner

JB is in the back and discusses #TNASacrifice.  Angelina Love is with Velvet Skye in the back.  Love is confused as to why she is the bad girl in this.  Love says they took in Rayne when she was nothing.  Love says they offered her a place to come home too.  Love says no one appreciates them.  Love says she will break a record and become a six time Knockout Champion.  Velvet says Holler.

Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love

Velvet is flirting with the referee before the match.  Madison Rayne hits a belly to back suplex.  Rayne hits a couple of armdrags.  Love rolls out and Velvet calls for a timeout.  The girls lock back up.  Love gets knocked down by shoulderblocks.  Rayne goes for a scissordrop, but Love moves out of that.  Rayne hits the baseball slide.  Love trips Rayne on the apron.  Velvet taunts Rayne and rolls her back in.  Love covers for two.  Love is frustrated and throws aggressive punches to the face.  She chokes Rayne on the ropes.  She distracts the ref and Rayne is choked by Velvet.  Love gets a two.  Love stretches her leg into Rayne’s face in the corner, she rushes back in and eats an elbow.  Rayne hits a sunset flip for two.  Love ties up Rayne in the ropes and then dropkicks her out of the ring.  Velvet rolls Rayne back in.  Love gets a two.  Love ties up Rayne’s arm like a surfboard with her legs.  Rayne tries to pin her.  Love breaks it.  Rayne knocks down Love several times before hitting a dragonair.  Rayne hits the scissor-stomp.  Love rolls out and is dizzy.  Rayne gets on the apron and jumps on both of the beautiful people with a crossbody.  Rayne rolls Love back in and hits the Rayne Drop.  Rayne goes for the spear, but misses and takes the Botox Injection for a two count.  Love ascends the top rope, but misses with a crossbody.  Rayne hits a nasty spear, but the ref is distracted by Velvet.  Rayne goes to stop her, but gets hit in the eyes with some hairspray that Velvet had.  Love rolled up the champ for the win.

Winner (and NEW Knockouts Champion):  Angelina Love

JB is in the back with Bully Ray.  Ray says that he was given two minutes to talk, but he’s tired of talking.  Ray says that Bobby is a great wrestler but this is a fight.  He says that he has everyone wanting him to put Bobby through a table.  He says he can probably hear everyone chanting tables.  They oblige.  He says he’s putting Bobby through a table.

They show a video package of Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode.

Tables Match

Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray

Bully seems to get into the zone thanks to the tables chants.   They faceoff and talk trash.  They break up after Bully says do something.  Roode says he doesn’t care what the fans say.  They trade blows and Bully chases Roode into the corner.  Bully whips him across the ring and flips him over his back.  Bully hits a sidewalk slam.  Bully hits hit patented punches followed by the elbow.  Bully points at the audience and they say get the tables.  Bully stops to reflect on the crowd’s cheering tables before setting up a table.  He comes back in and Roode ambushes him with strikes before dumping him back out.  Roode stomps on Bully’s chest.  Roode slams Bully’s head down on the guardrail.  Bully whips Roode into the ringpost.  Bully sets up another table next to the first.  Roode clotheslines Bully after he sets up the table.  He punches Bully before attempting to slam Bully’s head on the table.  Bully reverses only for Roode to stop the head slam.  They roll back in and Roode sets up a table in the corner.  Bully goes for a powerslam, but it’s reversed and Roode hits a dropkick.  Bobby hits a clothesline in the corner only for Bully to respond with one of his own.  Bobby hits a neckbreaker on Bully.  Bobby sets up the table in the corner on all fours now.  He strikes Bully and sets up for a suplex, but Bully turns it around and can’t hit it either.  Roode tries again, but it is reversed.  Bully pursues Bobby who kicks him in the face.  Bobby ascends and hits a neckbreaker off of the top rope.  Bully, on one knee, trades blow with the standing Bobby.  Bobby sets up for a powerbomb, but Bully reverses.  Bully goes to grab Roode on the apron, but he pulls Bully down on the ropes.  Bully slaps the chest of Roode and teases putting Roode through the table.  Bully sets him up in a powerbomb position, but Roode reverses and they do it again.  Bully picks up Roode for a third powerbomb attempt and the referee falls down.  He powerbombs Roode through the table.  Bully sets up for another powerbomb, but Bobby hits a spinebuster.  Referee is still down.  They keep going back and forth until they go outside.  Roode is knocked onto the two tables outside.  Bully climbs up the top rope, but a little bearded man(?) pushes Bully off the top rope through the table.  The bell rings as apparently the referee woke up.

Winner:  Bobby Roode

The bearded man in a hat and all black comes over to the prone Bully and takes off the hat, beard, and glasses to reveal it is Dixie Carter.  This is revenge for him trading on her at Lockdown I guess.

JB is in the back with Magnus.  Magnus says ladies and gentlemen.  He says that he is the next champion.  He says he has no one here with him.  Magnus says he’s standing alone here at Sacrifice.  He says that EC3 had the nerve to call him a paper champion.  Magnus calls EC3 a joke.  He says he isn’t laughing and he wasn’t when he took out EC3 and the monster Abyss.  He says he’s here to take back what’s his.  He says you can call him Wreck-It-Ralph, but he’s going to be him and be champion.

They show a fantastic video package.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Eric Young (c) vs. Magnus

The fans are pointing up and yelling Young.  In case he wasn’t close enough to Daniel Bryan.  They circle as the crowd chants USA.  Magnus gets close to Eric and mouths off at him.  They tie up and Magnus pushes him into the corner.  They tie up several more times with Magnus pushing him back into the corner.  Magnus goes for a clothesline, but misses.  Eric gets close and is acting crazy.  Eric locks in a headlock, but Magnus flips out of it.  Eric locks it in again.  Magnus picks him up, but Eric rolls back into it.  Magnus powers down Eric before locking in his own side headlock.  Magnus hits a backbuster.  Eric breaks out of the surfboard and kicks Magnus in the chest.  EY reverses Magnus to the outside.  EY went running, but Magnus went for a walk.  He walks back up and eats a flip.  Magnus takes out EY after they recover.  Magnus rolls him in and gets a two count.  Magnus whips EY into the corner, EY moves the charge and hits a bridge suplex for two.  Magnus hits a nasty clothesline for two.  Magnus locks in a headlock.  EY starts powering up and hits some strikes to Magnus.  Off the ropes and Magnus hits him with a knee to the gut to stop him.  Magnus hits a brutal strike to the temple as EY gets up.  EY starts powering up again with strikes.  He hits a jawbreaker, but Magnus takes down EY and locks in the Camel Clutch.  Magnus drops with all of his weight across the back of EY and reapplies the Camel Clutch.  He tries to do it again, but takes a shot to the groin.  They both hit a crossbody that takes both men down.  They both get up before the ten count and take each other out with the double clothesline.  They get up and trade blows.  EY whips Magnus and hits a flying forearm.  EY teases the piledriver, Magnus fights out, and EY hits the belly to belly suplex.  EY goes for the moonsault and misses leading to a belly to belly suplex from Magnus.  He hits a flying elbow for a two count.  Magnus gets hit by a wheelbarrow neckbreaker.  Eric Young hits the top rope elbow for a two count.  EY motions for piledriver, but Magnus reverses into the cloverleaf.  EY crawls to the ropes and Magnus releases.  Mangus goes for a clothesline, but gets rolled up into a cloverleaf of his own.  He slow crawls to the rope and EY drops it.  Magnus runs up and slugs EY who had gone up to the top.  Magnus throws EY down and pins him for a two.  Magnus looks exhausted and crawls outside and grabs a crowbar/pry from under the ring.  The referee takes it away and EY hits the piledriver for a two count!  EY sets up for it again, but Magnus reverses into his own, but EY catapults him into the corner and hits the piledriver.  Instead of going for the pin, EY ascends the top rope and hits the elbow for the three count.

Winner (and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion):  Eric Young

Eric Young celebrates after the match and he seems in disbelief as the the PPV goes off.

Thanks for reading and be sure to join me next week for WWE Extreme Rules.

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