RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 6.9.2014 (Seth Rollins, Shield, John Cena)

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1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Daniel Bryan coming back but I’m so glad that stretcher match nonsense isn’t happening. Just add this to the disappointing ends to Daniel Bryan’s championship reigns. I know there are a bunch of rumors out now that claim that WWE is considering adding an actual Money in the Bank match to their Money in the Bank pay-per-view. I’ve been saying this all along, have the championship ladder match be their annual “All-Star” ladder match and a regular MitB match…it’s about time all of you bastard asses finally listened to me. Somebody bring me a damn doughnut.
But seriously, this entire thing has been a ruse just so WWE could use that special double belt hanger.

2. Rusev adds a new accessory every week (Lana included). Joel timed the match and Zack Ryder lasted a whole 56 seconds and that’s a whole 51 seconds more than I predicted. If that’s not progress then I just don’t know what is.

3. Summer Rae dumped food on Layla backstage and it’s now obvious she’s modeling her career after Ryback but I don’t think enough of it was packed into Layla’s ear. Also, immediately laid out a challenge to those who follow us on twitter (that’s @CRAttire if you’ve lived under a rock) and they responded. @YappaPodcast is now a god for this.

4. Not sure if Dean Ambrose was actually cutting a promo or just spoiling the next Hostel movie.

5. Your weekly facepalm moment for Sandow. He showed that while wearing a one-piece leotard, there’s very little space to store what’s left of your dignity.

6. It’s hard to complain when Cesaro wins a match that puts him in a championship situation but RVD really is the 2013 Chris Jericho, a lot of losses and not a whole lot for him to do.

7. The one thing I’m learning most about this Seth Rollins situation is that he REALLY hates chairs. Not quite as much as Brock Lesnar but close.

8. I get that Fox needed someone to dump watch and popcorn on but Aksana is an unnecessary addition and is a constant risk to everyone’s eye-sockets within a 5 mile radius. She’s as pointless to this story as Tamina was when she was paired up with AJ. Let Alicia be crazy on her own and I’m a happy camper. Also, Fox might actually need to win a match once in a while to justify her actually getting continual camera time. Just a suggestions because WWE totally reads this column religiously.

9. So Goldust is getting a tag partner next week that he’s never seen before. Does Goldy not know how the network works? He can watch NXT every week for the low price of $9.99 a month. But for real, I’m thinking they’re bringing up someone from NXT. Who will it be? No idea because I would hope Zayn would get more of a buildup than this, same goes for Neville. I’m giving this one a big shrug. Thoughts?

10. WWE continues it’s streak of ruining things that work by inserting Cena into it. I’m not saying the remaining members of Shield are ruined just because WWE needed to insert Cena and the Wyatt’s somewhere in the show but something seems weird about Cena tagging and being buddies with Shield after getting continuously attacked by them for the past year. It’s like that one time face CM Punk tagged with Mysterio as if that whole “terrorizing your daughter” thing never happened.

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