Forever Heel: The Wyatts Were Buried, or Something?

So after I watched MITB, I immediately hit Fb and The Twitter for more great comments from the WWE Faniverse. So here are the top comments that really show what real fans think…

1)The Wyatts lost two matches, and that means they’ve been buried. Good. They’re not over enough to deserve a descent push, and I’m sick of champs with beards.

2) WWE should get rid of the WWE Network because that’s why the company is losing money. I don’t think it would be better to have to pay $40 a month because some stoner kid is thinking too hard.

3) WWE is going to lose a lot of money by not giving Roman or Cesaro the belt. That’s actually true, Cesaro is the most over guy in the business. I’m really hoping Reigns wins at Battleground, so he can take on Brock at SummerSlam. Nothing sells buy rates like Samoan Bossman versus Da Part-Time Guy.

4) Cena is most likely going to cost the WWE trillions. The only thing that can save the company now is to let CM Punk give the belt, and let him kill Batista. They might even need to let Punk March around backstage and say that be was right about Ultimate Warrior.

Meanwhile on Raw, fans got pissed at Miz because they thought Phil Lee was going to return, and they couldn’t wait for the segment to end before the left tweets like, “F’ Miz!”, and “Miz is a part-time F****t.”, it’s good to know that WWE is still reaching homophobic teenage males. I thought Miz was funny with Jericho. It was also nice to see the Wyatts back after being buried at MITB. I didn’t think they’d ever make it on tv again after that total burying.

One thing I was mad about was how that sweet Paige lost her title. Paige wasn’t ready and those stupid fans made her take on that stupid AJ Lee. Like that skipping dunce needs another reason¬† to prove she’s overrated.

I was also hoping Sting would show up last Monday, to tell us Undertaker has been retconned out of all WWE story lines and matches. Hopefully WWE will cgi Vic Grimes in for the Undertaker. Maybe they can also cgi New Jack in for Kane? I mean New Jack and Vic Grimes would have watchable matches, and they wouldn’t even need to bring balconies into it.

I’m completely uninterested in Battleground’s main event. This would be fine if WWE pushed anything outside the main event. Fully Loaded ’98 ruled because we had the Rock vs Hunter x 3, and Owen Hart killing Ken Shamrock, etc. Now we just have Tattoo Executive vs Masked Executive ¬†Serial Killer vs Samoan Bull Buchanan vs Jim Cap Hat Evens. BTW doesn’t Fatal Four-Way sound more like Rob Black booked this?

Okay thanks for reading. Shorter article today because the real CH Punk isn’t rich and has to move his stuff into a storage place. Here’s my list of top wrestling geniuses…

5) Jim Herd
4) David Crockett
3) Art Donovan
2) Vince Russo
1) Jeff Jarrett

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