Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Brittany Begins To Campaign, House Turns Against Caleb

On Tuesday, Brittany began to campaign to the other houseguests in an effort to have them keep her over the likeable Donny.

She started with Victoria. Brittany told Victoria that she was supposed to the one who was to have gone up and gone home the week that Devin used his power of veto to save her. Brittany told Victoria that she made a deal with Devin to use the veto on her and to get Zach nominated because she wanted to keep them both in the game. She also played the card of the guys always using Brittany as a pawn and that by keeping her, Victoria could use her as a shield. Surprisingly, Victoria didn’t back down and said that she has proven that she can save herself although Brittany countered by saying that this couldn’t be relied upon. Brittany told Victoria that she would target the guys.

From there, Brittany moved onto to Nicole. Telling Nicole that she isn’t her target, Brittany said that Nicole might have heard that because of the drama surrounding the fact that nobody wanted to sleep with Victoria. Nicole said that she did hear that Brittany was targetting her and was glad that Brittany brought it up. Brittany reaffirmed that she is not after Nicole/Christine but that she want she wanted to go after people who were stirring the pot.

Immediately after the conversation, Nicole talked to Donny and told him that Brittany was campaigning but that she would always vote to keep Donny ahead of her.

If you thought Brittany was done, think again. She moved onto Derrick next.

In an effort to avoid the conversation completely, Derrick immediately told Brittany that he would vote to keep her. Brittany told him that Donny was a game thread and was already two steps ahead of everyone else. Derrick said that this was the same reason he will be voting him out. Derrick told her to work on getting more swing voters like Christine/Nicole to her side. Brittany confided in Derrick that Donny isn’t a fan of Christine and that she would be dumb to keep him around. She also told Derrick that Donny would nominate Caleb and Christine if he won HOH.

The duplicity was hilarious because as soon as he finished telling Brittany to campaign to Nicole and Christine, Derrick went over to them to tell them what to say when Brittany does approach them. He said to tell her to trust that Derrick and Cody want her to stay. Derrick told Christine/Nicole that despite what she says, Brittany is after them and the guys. Christine/Nicole agreed.

Later in the day, Cody expressed concern about Caleb nominating him. Derrick tried to reassure him by saying that Caleb would always nominate Zach over Cody because Amber doesn’t like Zach. They talked about Caleb and Amber trying to play their hand too early to get to the jury. Cody asked Derrick if he would have any issues with backdooring Caleb. Derrick said that he wouldn’t, but would prefer to put Caleb on the block outright. He said that it wouldn’t be hard to convince Caleb that an alliance member needs to go on the block and then blindside him.

Zach also talked to Frankie about Caleb and said that they need to send the Beast Mode Cowboy home next week. Zach said that they would easily be left with the 5 Detonators, Victoria, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole if they can successful send Caleb, Amber and Jocasta home in the next three evictions.


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