You Book It! – Roman Reigns Run To WrestleMania 31

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You Book It - Roman Reigns


Another week and another chance to book your own WWE. If you’ve watched WWE in the last few months you’ve surely noticed the rapid rise of former Shield member, Roman Reigns.

For weeks it seemed as if Reigns was moving quickly into a match with WWE COO Triple H at SummerSlam. Now it appears his path has switched to a match with Randy Orton. Does that mean the WWE is pulling back on Reigns’ push? Or have they decided to take their time developing this top new babyface? Was SummerSlam too early to push him into a main event spot when it looks as if he’s the front-runner to win the Royal Rumble?

What would you do with Roman Reigns? Keep him on course or maybe shift him in a new direction? Or maybe insert someone else into his spot? Maybe another returning former superstar? Book It below!

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