SDCC 2014: Transformers Angry Birds! Birds Disguised as Robots in Disguise!

Angry Birds are back in all new game! Autobots and Decepticons have been birdified and they have to team up in order to take out an even greater threat! The game utilizes the simple format that we have all come to love, but uses the Transformer brand in a fun way. You will be able to purchase new figurines of various Angry Bird versions of Transformers. These figures can be brought into the game using your phone’s camera. This is very similar to the portal technology used in Skylanders to bring your characters into the game.

Two things stand out about this game. First, the portal that your figurine sits on is the Transformer’s Matrix of Leadership. Yes, it’s a minor thing, but that is cool. Second, the figurines themselves transform from their robot form into their alt mode. Talking to the developers, they mentioned how their own kids had as much fun playing with the toys as they did playing the game.

Unfortunately, the game was not available to demo at the time of the show, but it’s Angry Birds. Game play was not changed too much when they started playing in the Star Wars Universe and I expect us to see a lot of that type of game play. This little game should be coming out soon to an app store near you.DSC06523 DSC06524 DSC06525 DSC06527 DSC06528 DSC06529 DSC06530 DSC06531 DSC06532 DSC06533 DSC06534 DSC06535 DSC06536 DSC06537

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