Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Detonators Tell Caleb That Zach Formed The Alliance Without Him, Caleb Promises To Scream At Zach On Live Show, Zach Blissfully Unaware Of His Impending Eviction

There is no way Zach can save himself now.

Yesterday started with Hayden and Donny discussing that Zach will still be evicted this week. Hayden said that after Zach leaves, Frankie should be the nest target. Donny pointed out that Derrick was playing the best game and should go.

Christine tried to swing Victoria onto the anti-Zach team once again and told her that she heard that Hayden was voting to keep Zach. Victoria said that she didn’t hear that but Christine said it was because Zach was targeting Hayden. Christine said that Jocasta could be eliminated at anytime.

Victoria wanted to see how Frankie thought about Zach potentially leaving. Frankie said that even though people think he is best friends with Zach, he has no problem voting his ally out if it means he can move forward in the game. Frankie said that Zach’s temper cannot be controlled. Victoria asked him if he would vote Zach out. Frankie said he was still weighing his options but is leaning that way.

Victoria told Derrick that Christine told her that all the guys are voting to keep Zach. He said that he would be voting to take Zach out and that she should probably do the same thing. Victoria said that Christine told her that she would be eliminating Zach and Derrick said that she would know if Christine was lying based on Thursday’s vote count.

Frankie’s brutal betrayal of Zach only continued. He told Christine that they should tell everyone that Zach was the instigator behind the Detonators and formed the alliance to evict Hayden and Caleb. Christine said she liked the idea. Frankie said that they would need Cody and Derrick to agree before going with it. Frankie said that they could first tell Hayden and Nicole to secure their trust and then tell Caleb last, ensuring that the vote would be unanimous. Frankie said that after Zach left, the plan was for the remaining Detonators to add Caleb and then take out the rest of the house. Frankie had the gall to tell Christine that when Zach heard the vote count, he wanted to hug him and tell him that he had no one to blame but himself and that he should still vote for him at the end.

Frankie then told the plan to Derrick. Derrick openly told him that it made sense for him to tell Caleb but that Caleb would then distrust the rest of the Detonators for not telling him earlier. Derrick said that he was okay to tell Caleb, but only if they did it as a group.

Christine put her part of the plan into effect and told Nicole that Zach came up to her, Derrick, Cody, and Frankie last night to start an alliance. She told Nicole to pretend like she was surprised when Frankie told her later. Christine said that her and Frankie were supposed to tell her together, but that she wanted to give her the heads up first. Christine told her that the alliance was called ‘The Detonators.’ She explained that Zach basically just wanted to target Hayden and Caleb. Christine said that was the mitigating factor that put them all on board to take out Zach.

Frankie went to Cody to advise him of the plan to pin the Detonators on Zach in case Zach blew it up on his way out of the house. After Cody and Frankie talked, Derrick (who overheard the conversation), told Cody that Frankie wanted to get the credit for telling Caleb but that he wasn’t allowing that to happen.

Cody then told Nicole about Zach started the Detonators and Nicole said that she knew because Christine had already told her. Nicole said that she initially didn’t believe that Zach was targeting Hayden but because so many people had told her, she now did. Cody said that he didn’t even want to be around him when Zach proposed the alliance.

Later in the evening, Nicole and Cody talked again. She asked him why he thought that Christine told her that Hayden and Victoria made out. Cody said that Christine was just sewing seeds of doubt in her that she could capitalize on later in the game. Cody said that Christine’s game was transparent and that she was setting some people up in order to nominate other people so that she would never have to get dirty. Nicole warned him that Christine had already told her that she should nominate him and Derrick. Hayden talked to the pair and said that Donny told him that his targets were Caleb, Frankie, Christine and then Derrick.

Hayden then had a catch-up session with Victoria and said that he was definitively voting Zach out. Victoria told him about her convo with Christine in the morning. Victoria said that she didn’t trust Christine at all. Hayden said Christine is playing too fast and used her telling Nicole that they made out as an example. Victoria was stunned by this revelation and Hayden told her that it was no reason to be worried because no one believes Christine.

Frankie told Nicole that he would now be evicting Zach and Nicole seemed shocked. When Frankie told her that Zach started the Detonators, Nicole pretended that she was surprised (as Christine had instructed her). Frankie said that Zach is too much of a wild card to trust and said that Zach’s plan was to nominate Donny and Victoria and then backdoor Hayden. While this conversation was happening, Derrick and Cody talked and agreed that Christine is the shadiest player in the game right now.

Hayden joined Nicole, Christine, and Frankie in the HOH room. Frankie told Hayden that Zach was targeting him and Hayden said that it was now time for him to go. Hayden asked if Christine was there when Zach formed the Detonators and Christine affirmed that she was.

When Frankie and Christine left, Hayden told Nicole that he intentionally asked Christine if she was there when Zach made the Detonators because he wanted to catch her lying. Hayden thought it was hilarious that Frankie was taking credit for their plan. He said it was exactly the same as Caleb taking the credit for the Amber plan last week.

In the late evening, Zach asked Cody if he was still fine. Cody said yes. Zach said that Los Tres Amigos will be the Final 3. He said that while there were 5 Detonators, he only cared about him and Derrick. He told Cody that he trusted him 100%. He said that he wouldn’t be surprised if he was blindsided because of how badly they got Amber last week. Zach said that Cody should never doubt that he is more loyal to Frankie than he is to him. He said he trusts both Cody and Derrick with his life.

Derrick and Frankie started talking to Caleb. They told him that they are voting Zach out and that Zach formed the Detonators without him. Caleb said that if they wanted to evict Zach, he would as well. Caleb said that Zach was going to blow up and that he would scream at the top of his lungs to make sure Zach didn’t blow up their games.