Gray Maynard Refutes Ross Pearson’s Claims That He Has A ‘Weak Chin’

Gray Maynard knows he can take a punch and rejects Ross Pearson’s claims to the contrary.

In advance of their co-main event match tomorrow at UFC Fight Night 47, Pearson was referring to the fact that Maynard has lost three of his last four fights by knockout. Prior to that stretch, however, Maynard had never been knocked to the mat during his career. Maynard promises that his recent stretch of knockouts are the exception and not the rule.

“Did I get completely knocked out cold and stiff? No. I got clipped,” Maynard told “They attacked me good, and I stood up (right after). Obviously if you take a lot like that, you’re going to be out of it, but I’ve never been out cold.”

Maynard (9-3-1 UFC) is confident he can still easily remain unfazed from a heavy strike, and while he doesn’t want to engage in a standing slugfest with Pearson, he , he won’t back down one. The two meet on the FOX Sports 1-televised main card from Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine.

“That’s the great part about it,” Maynard said. “Saturday night, he can put that to the test, and I can guarantee I’m going to put his chin to the test. Let’s just see.”

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