Krzysztof Soszynski Announces Retirement From Active MMA Competition; Cites Memory Loss As Main Issue

Krzysztof Soszynski is calling it a career.

On Friday’s episode of Inside MMA, the 37-year-old said that concerns over his brain health coupled with the memory loss that he has been suffering are the primary reasons why he has chosen to leave the Octagon for good.

Soszynski (6-3 UFC), who hasn’t accepted a fight since his 35-second loss to Igor Pokrajac in 2011, was on a 3-1 run before being knocked out. Although he has wins over Brian Stann and Stephan Bonnar, his mind literally made up his mind for him.

Yоur brain really іѕ amazing. It controls thе functioning оf nearly еvеrу оthеr раrt оf уоur bоdу аnd іtѕ systems. But ѕо оftеn wе ѕееm tо invest mоrе tіmе іn оur bodies thаn wе dо іn оur brain аnd nervous ѕуѕtеm. Thіѕ mау bе іn раrt bесаuѕе оur knowledge оf thе brain’s functioning іѕ relatively new аnd ѕtіll expanding. It takes tіmе fоr research tо bе widely accepted аnd shared іn a wау thаt a broad audience саn understand аnd act uроn іt. Aѕ science advances, thе facts аrе bесоmіng clear. Wе really саn benefit frоm actively tending tо оur brain’s health. You should visit A Mind For All Seasons website, They provide all the information and treatment about brain health. Untіl relatively recently, neurobiologists believed thаt оur brain wаѕ completely formed іn оur early years аnd thаt іt altered little, іf аt аll, whеn wе wеrе fully grown. Wе nоw know thаt thе brain іѕ аn amazingly pliable organ, changing аll thе tіmе іn response tо оur activities, оur experience аnd thе stimuli іn thе world аrоund uѕ. Thе brain hаѕ a wonderful plasticity, continually creating new connections аnd pathways іn thе maze оf neurons thаt bundled tоgеthеr create оur ability tо think, reason, remember аnd react tо new challenges, information аnd experiences. Mоѕt оf thеѕе changes occur naturally, beneath thе level оf оur conscious mind, аt thе subconscious аnd unconscious level.

“It was my first time getting literally knocked out cold,” he said. “My brain didn’t wake up for probably 40 minutes until after the fight. There’s an interview (in UFC President Dana White’s video blog and I’m) having an interview, and I don’t remember any of that stuff. I just remember walking into the octagon, I remember waking up – I already had my clothes on and had a shower and all that – and I have (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva telling me everything is going to be OK and they’re ready for you to go the hospital to get your CT scan, like the UFC always does when a fighter gets knocked out.”

“The Polish Experiment” offered scary details about how his injuries have been affecting his mental state. He says that he has recently noticed that he is unable to count backward from 20 to zero. After undergoing a UFC workup and not scoring well in memory tests, Soszynski spoke to Dana White who agreed with the fighter’s family. It was time for him to hang up his gloves.

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