Sergio Martinez To See Specialist Before Confirming Retirement

Sergio Martinez will decide whether he will continue to box after meeting with an orthopedic surgeon next month.

Despite reports that Sergio Martinez would be returning to the boxing ring following a disappointing loss to Miguel Cotto in June, Sampson Lewkowicz now says that the decision will be made after the fighter visits a specialist on September 16.

“He is at peace. But he is very depressed because he wants to come back and be his old self, added Lewkowicz. “After the fight, he felt very bad. As always, I was in the hospital with him after the fight, and he felt terrible because he felt it wasn’t him who fought (Cotto) on that night, but rather his shadow. But anyone can have an off night, and we hope he’ll have a chance to vindicate himself.”

Martinez, 39, will see Dr. Allen Answorth in New York. Answorth is one of the physicians for the New York Knicks, and is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the world, treating sports injuries of the knee, elbow, and shoulder.

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