Retired Randy Couture Says He Could Be Coaxed to Return For A Metamoris Grappling Contest Against Fellow Retiree Fedor Emelianenko


Although he retired from active MMA competition several years ago, Randy Couture just has a ‘natural’ desire to fight and he is considering another match.

Randy Couture says he is still interested in a match against Fedor Emelianenko… but there’s a twist.

In addition to Emelianenko also having retired from MMA, Couture revealed he would be very interested in a potential grappling contest against “The Last Emperor” in Metamoris.

“That would be interesting and certainly given the time to prepare and get back up into good, solid grappling and wrestling shape, that would be a lot of fun and I think, you know,” Couture told Submission Radio. “I’m not sure how active Fedor is at this stage, you know him being retired as well, but I’m certainly no opposed to an idea like that.”