Suits Spoilers: What’s Next For Mike & Rachel?

With TV junkies still buzzing about Louis’ power play on last night’s Suits summer finale, the show’s boss recently discussed the absence of any plot development of Rachel/Mike saga in the midseason episode.

“We didn’t touch on them in the finale … but it’s going to rear its head again and that’s part of the healing process. They’re together now, but you just don’t forget something like that,” Aaron Korsh told “She made a mistake; she’s a human being. Sometimes I read a few tweets and I think, ‘I wonder what percentage of the people who are so vehemently angry have never made any mistake ever,’ and it’s nowhere near close to 100 percent. So it would be nice if they would judge her a little less harshly. Part of the reason we threw it in there is it’s drama. What we tried to do was get the emotion of one of them being unfaithful. It could’ve been a lot worse.”