WWE Friday Night Smackdown Match Results 08.22.2014 (Spoilers)


Notes from tonight’s show for Friday night:

Seth Rollins b Jack Swagger via count out. Rollins used the curb stomp off the apron. The medical staff came out to check on Swagger while Bo Dallas came out and was running down Swagger.

Rusev b Sin Cara in a quick squash. Mark Henry ran in after but Lana pulled Rusev away from the ring.

Rob Van Dam did an interview and was attacked by Randy Orton. Orton kept beating on Van Dam including an RKO on a chair. So they really never had their advertised main event.

Natalya b Paige again in a non-title match. A.J. Lee came out and grabbed the belt and took off with it. Paige ran out of the ring and got the belt back but Natalya put her in the sharpshooter for the submission.

Goldust & Stardust b Luke Harper & Erick Rowan when Goldust pinned Harper with a roll-up.

Roman Reigns b The Miz with the spear in a one minute main event. After the match, Reigns and Orton went at it for several minutes until the show ends. Reigns ended up hitting the Superman punch.

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