Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Cody Wins POV, Derrick Cries While Telling Donny His Fate Is Sealed, Frankie Stages Play

Cody has all the power this week.

The current HOH also won the POV on Saturday. It was the stay or fold competition from past Big Brother seasons. As the winner, Cody was also able to pick two people to watch a screening of the new Fall series Scorpion. Cody chose Donny and Nicole as they will remain on the block and are have-nots as well. After the competition, the rest of the house celebrated that Donny would finally be leaving. Caleb seemed particularly happy. Cody also talked to Derrick and said that he didn’t want to out their alliance by picking him to go on the reward.

With regard to the Team America task to make their own mission, Frankie suggested doing a Broadway-style play based on Big Brother where they could all play different houseguests. Donny tried to again force the idea of them saving him as America chose them to work together but Frankie said that he wanted to do something fun and that they could save him anyway.

Derrick and Cody had a brief meeting where Derrick instructed Cody to closely monitor what Nicole was doing. He said she would campaign if she didn’t feel safe. Derrick said that they could easily send Nicole home if she ran her mouth and started lying like she did the last time.

As if on cue, Nicole talked to Cody. She asked if she was going home so that she could wear something nice. Cody reassured her that it was Donny’s time to go. Nicole again told Cody that she was not targeting him. At the same time, Derrick and Frankie agreed that they would not use the mission to save Donny because everyone else was excited about getting rid of him and would question their motivation for flipping an easy vote. Frankie convinced Derrick to go with his play idea for the mission.

Cody, Nicole, and Donny went to the HOH room to watch “Scorpion.” They brought back candy to share with the rest of the house.

Derrick talked to Frankie and proposed the idea of keeping Donny. Derrick said that with the control that he and Frankie have, they could easily flip any vote. He said it was risky. By planting the seed with Frankie, Derrick got him to actually act on his behalf. Frankie said that he wanted Nicole gone.

Derrick and Donny had a chat. Donny confided in Derrick that he was uneasy this week because Derrick always reassured him in the other weeks that he was on the block. Derrick confessed that it was likely he would be leaving. Donny told Derrick that he would vote for him in the Final 2 because he deserved the money the most. Both men were reduced to tears by the end of the conversation.

Frankie tried to lighten the mood by telling everyone the play idea which was that they would all play evicted houseguests.

Derrick is Devin
Caleb is Brittany
Frankie is Amber
Cody is Zach
Donny is Jocasta
Victoria is Joey
Christine is Paola
Nicole is Hayden