WWE Main Event Report 08.26.2014

WWE Main Event 08.26.2014
Live on the WWE Network
Announcers are Michael Cole & Byron Saxton

Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins
Cole calls RVD “The Whole Damn Show” and Byron chimes in with “Mr. TUESDAY Night”. Let us take you back to last night on Monday Night Raw when Roman Reigns beat down Seth Rollins. Please use the hashtag #RVDvsRollins. RVD chant. Back and forth stuff to start then a standoff. Some jaw jackin’ and both guys are in each others’ face. Rollins attacks during RVD’s thumb pose and takes control. RVD sends Rollins over the top to the floor. Does a “RVD” thumb pose on the turnbuckle then flies onto Rollins on the floor. Big pop. RVD goes back into the ring. RVD follows to the floor and Rollins takes control with a cheapshot, leading to a

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Back to the action and Rollins has control in the ring with an arm bar. Brawling back and forth and Rollins continues to beat down RVD. Snapmare and back to the arm bar. RVD powers up, punches Rollins and breaks the hold, sending Rollins face first into turn buckle. RVD with some offense, sidekick, goes for Rolling Thunder but Rollins gets up. More offense and RVD hits Rolling Thunder for real and gets a 2 count. He goes to the top but Rollins pushes him off to the floor and RVD collides with the safety barricade. Attempted count-out spot by Rollins, counting with the ref, but RVD rolls back into the ring in time. Rollins grabs RVD and tosses him back outside, then follows and throws RVD into the barricade. They brawl to the timekeeper’s area and RVD knocks out Rollins. RVD returns to the ring, Rollins is knocked out near the timekeeper area, and gets counted out.
Winner via Countout: RVD

Rollins gets upset and tries to attack RVD, but RVD fights him off. Play his music! This is likely RVD’s last match in WWE for a while and he went out with a win!

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Curtis Axel vs. Adam Rose w/Party
Let us take you back to earlier tonight, when Adam Rose was partying backstage and he ran into Curtis Axel. Rose invites Axel to join his party. Curtis calls them freaks. Rose calls him a lemon! They decided to have a match. No entrance for Curtis. Basic stuff to start with some quick covers. Rose takes control and beats down Axel in the corner. Axel clubs him in the head from behind and takes control of the match. Side headlock but the Party starts singing the song and this gives Adam Rose the juice to power out of the headlock. But Curtis is not phased and must inflict more headlock pain. Rose mounts a comeback, and hits a huricanrana from the middle rope. Series of reversals leads to the “Party Foul” finisher for the pin.
Winner: Adam Rose

Promo for coming next, some sort of Brock Lesnar/John Cena recap from Raw.

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Cole and Saxton are shown on camera, to plug Night of Champions and then throw to the Brock Lesnar segment from Raw. Then a recap of the Hall of Fame Forum segment and Cena stuff from Raw.

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Goldust & Stardust vs. Los Matadores w/El Torito
Video of Raw last night when Gold/Stardust turned heel on the Usos. Goldust and Fernando to start. Atomic drop then a sensuous breathe-in by Goldust. Tag to Stardust who comes in with a shot off the top. Some rolling pins for nearfalls. Cartwheel by Stardust and dropkick to a seated Matador. Back up, some back and forth and Matadores take control. Monkey flip! Dropkick and 2 count on Stardust. FUZZY FEED. Stardust powers out of an arm bar but is knocked back down. Stardust in peril but can’t reach Goldust. Arm bar. Belly to back suplex, Stardust lands on his feet, goes under the Matador’s legs and gets the hot tag to Goldust. I thought they turned heel? Goldust is a HOUSE AFIRE including an INVERSE Atomic Drop. Goldust in control as we take a

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Back and its STARDUST in the ring, with an arm bar on a Matador. Quite a few arm bars tonight here on Main Event. Goldust tags back in, he works the arm. Cover for 2. Tag back to Stardust and the Dusts’ have been in complete control since the commercial. Knees to the back by Stardust. The Matador fights up and hits a STONE COLD STUNNER, and then locks in a sleeper hold. Stardust turns it into a sleeper of his own. Then they collide and both are down looking for a tag. Goldust tags in first, then a hot tag to the other Matador, who comes in via the top rope. Matador on offense, but Goldust side steps a dropkick and tags in Stardust. He hits a front side russian leg sweep, whatever its called as Stardust, and gets the pin.
Winners: Goldust & Stardust

After the match, Stardust tosses El Torito from the ring to the floor to some boos. They pose.

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