Big Brother 16 News: Victoria Rafaeli’s Family Demands Apology From Frankie & Ariana Grande For Frankie’s “Rape Joke”

This time, Frankie might have stepped over the line.

During the live feeds on Saturday, Big Brother 16 contestant Frankie Grande told a couple of the other male houseguests that they should “double team” Victoria and “take all her virginities.” From there, Ariana Grande’s brother made a bunch of sexual gestures as seen in the video here.

Now, Victoria Rafaeli’s family is speaking out and demanding apologies from both Frankie and Ariana.

Victoria’s mother, Lizabeth, told TMZ she viewed Frankie’s comments as a “rape joke” and now feels her daughter is now a “target for rape” because producers did nothing to stop Frankie’s rant. She wants an apology from Frankie’s parents and Ariana Grande… and she wants Frankie to apologize to her daughter.

In an interview with TMZ, she said “I want Frankie to imagine people saying this stuff about his sister and see if he thinks it’s funny.”