Renan Barao Defends Himself After Not Making Weight For Title Fight Against T.J. Dillashaw

Speaking for the first time since bailing from his rematch with T.J. Dillashaw, Renan Barao finally revealed what led to him not making weight for his title shot at UFC 177.

“I was dehydrating in the bathtub,” Barao explained through a translator. “I fainted, I hit my head, I was taken to the hospital.

Despite the incident and allegations by his opponent, the former champion says that was completely fine.

“I was fine,” Barao added. “My weight was around regular what I come in for fight week. Everything was fine, everything was going great the whole week. The whole thing was I hit my head in the bathtub and that’s where it all went down.”

Barao says that his usual routine includes cutting 22 pounds for his fights, and that it is a cut that he is used to.

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