Bethe Correia Promises To Destroy Ronda Rousey And Retire With Undefeated Record

Bethe Correia’s decision to chase the Four Horsewomen in an effort to coax Ronda Rousey into giving her a title shot appears to have worked.

The women’s bantamweight champion appears fixated on avenging the losses of her teammates and has reportedly been pestering UFC President Dana White into booking her against Correia.

Correia is receiving a lot of attention after he TKO win over Shayna Baszler on Saturday.

“I’m really happy with my win and my performance. I pleased the crowd, and that’s what matters to me,” Correia told after her win over Baszler at UFC 177 in Sacramento. “It was an exciting fight. I also pleased Dana White, he praised my performance, so I completed my mission. I wanted the knockout.”

The Brazilian bantamweight improved to 9-0 in MMA with this win, and she felt she had to finish a fight to move up the rankings. Prior to UFC 177, “Pitbull” had only one clear finish in eight fights and the UFC’s President is notorious for preferring finishes to decision victories.

Speaking of White, while he seems intent on exhausting everything he can do to sign Gina Carano to fight Rousey next, Correia says that she will earn her shot against Rousey.

“I don’t know what Dana White’s plans are, but I respect his decision. He knows what he has to do. But the only thing I can say is I want to be the champion so bad,” Correia responded. “I know I would give Ronda a great fight. I’m capable of beating Ronda. I know that.”

“I’m one of the first women to sign with the UFC, I’m undefeated, and I have the right to ask for this opportunity,” she continued. “I want the title fight. I challenge Ronda Rousey to end my invincibility, because she won’t. I’m the one who will retire as the undefeated UFC champion. My dream is to fight for the title. I want to show the whole world that I’m the UFC champion.”

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