JR Blog: Stephanie McMahon/AJ Lee Tension, Charlotte Flair in NXT, Supporting TNA’s Move

After a fairly uneventful episode of Raw, former WWE announcer Jim Ross chimed in with a new blog. Here are some highlights:

on Charlotte Flair in NXT
Been enjoying the NXT broadcasts on the WWE Network. Generally an excellently paced, one hour show which makes NXT an easy show to watch. Impressed with Charlotte, Ric Flair’s daughter, who has legit athletic skills and a marketable look. I’d merely suggest that she refrain from getting any more tattoos which officially reconfirms that I’m an old school guy. Seriously, Charlotte has a good shot to have a nice WWE career and I speculate that she will be called up to the main roster sometime this year.

on Stephanie McMahon/AJ Lee
The tension between Stephanie McMahon and AJ Lee was interesting. Could be an compelling scenario going forward especially the promos.

on Impact moving to Wednesday
Hoping that all wrestling fans make the attempt to watch Impact Wrestling on @Spike on Wednesday nights. Real fans should try and support all brands or at least that’s my opinion.

Check out the full blog entry at JR’s BBQ

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