Complete TNA Turning Point 2014 PPV Results (Spoilers)

TNA taped Turning Point on PPV on September 5, 2014 in Charlottesvile, VA, here are the results:

By David Worrell

TNA taped one of its taped PPVs in Charlottesville, Virginia Friday. It was Turning Point, but I don’t think that was ever advertised by name until Jeremy Borash announced it in the ring.
Before the PPV matches, an Xplosion match was taped with Sonjay Dutt losing to DJ Zema Ion.
Samoa Joe beat Kenny King.
Sanda beat Austin Aries after Storm interfered. (He’d been ordered to the back, but snuck back later.)
Gail Kim beat Angelina Love and Madison Rayne in a three-way dance, pinning Love..
Gunner & Ken Anderson beat EC3 & Rockstar Spud. Good comedy from Spud. Spud accidentally injured or otherwise inconvenienced EC3 several times during the match, so EC3 finally left him and just walked back to the dressing room, leaving Spud to get quickly beaten up by Anderson and pinned by Gunner.
Eric Young beat Magnus.
Bram beat Abyss in a spontaneous Monster’s Ball match.
Bobbie Roode beat James Storm.
Jeff Hardy beat MVP in a pretty good main event. Hardy wrestled in white pants and his fly was gaping open the majority of the match. Might pose some problems editing that match.
Interesting moment during the main event, there was a little girl 7-10 years old who had been booing MVP at various points. When MVP got the upper hand against Hardy outside the ring, he brought Hardy over to her and shouted directly at her several times to “Say something else!” He punctuated those shouts a couple times by dropping Hardy on the guardrail. It was all completely in character, but it upset the girl a great deal and she was crying really hard after they went back into the ring and she continued crying almost to the end of the match. After the match, Hardy gave her one of the wrappings he was wearing on his arms. She left happy.

by Jeff Miller
Ppv opened with Joe b kenny king. Decent match. Crowd was into it. Not a three way.
Gail kim pinned a blonde woman I didn’t know. this was a three way with Madison Rayne also in match.

Sanada b austin Aries after James storm interfered. Best match so far. Aries did cool reverse neck breaker spot between middle and top rope. Aries also did a plancha.

Anderson and gun b. Ec3 and spud after Ec3 walked out

Ring announcer came out and told fans that he had breaking news. In “great state of Connecticut, our TNA champion Bobby Lashley just DESTROYED his opponent in his first Bellator fight.” moderate cheers

Eric Young b magnus in uneventful, but ok match.

Bram b. Abyss in monster ball match. Trash can full of weapons used. table set up in corner didn’t break in spear spot. Spiked baseball bat came out, but Bram ducked it leading to the finish.

Bobby roode b james storm in a good match. Fans were into it.

They moved everyone down for the main event. It was kind of weird, like why didn’t you move us down earlier? I guess they wanted to emulate how boxing matches fill up for the main event.

Jeff Hardy b MVP in a very good main event. Crowd was really hot and behind hardy. Hardy did a dive and his legs hit the concrete. must’ve looked worse than it was because he walked around fine.

All in all, a good by-the-numbers house show, but not sure how it will come off on ppv. Don’t guess many people will buy it any way.

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Source: Wrestling Observer