New Girl Spoilers: Not So Good News For Nick & Jess Fans As Couple Isn’t Expected To Reunite This Season

Sorry Nick & Jess shippers… it looks like your favourite New Girl couple won’t be reuniting this season.

TVLine recently caught up with Jake Johnson and he confirmed that Nick and Jess won’t be getting back together… immediately anyway.

“I think [showrunner] Liz Meriwether wants more fun between them. I think she doesn’t want it to feel heavy anymore, [with] them getting together and fighting,” he said. “I think she wants to bring back the kind of fun of Season 1.” So, as Season 4unfurls, Nick’s new fixation will be… the apartment’s new land-line telephone? “He gets really excited about it,” previews the actor. “I start taking messages for Schmidt and Winston, kind of like a secretary.”