Finding Carter Spoilers: Why Did Max Break Up With Taylor & Will He Return For Season 2?

One of the most shocking takeaways from last night’s Finding Carter season finale included Max breaking up with Taylor.

The show’s EP recently talked to to discuss the rationale behind the decision.

“I wanted Max to come out of his situation changed,” Terri Minsky said. “If he woke up and was just Max again, we would have wasted an opportunity with that actor, because Alex Saxon is super smart. He’s nothing like his character, yet he fully inhabits him in a way that I did not expect. Max’s entire description in the pilot script was “sexy stoner.” That’s it. But he’s taken it into a whole other dimension. To me, he’s become such a real person. So I wanted to see Alex play another side of Max, which is why he he reappeared at the end and broke up with Taylor.”