Downton Abbey Spoilers: Mary Realizes She Can’t Live Same Lifestyle As She Used To, Is She Ready To Remarry?

In a recent interview with, Laura Carmichael revealed new details about Lady Mary Crawley and the role that she will have when the show returns for its fifth season.

While it hasn’t really sunk in that she is a mother, Mary is starting to realize that she might not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle that she used to have according to Carmichael.

“Mary has the responsibility of being the eldest,” Carmichael notes. “She has that pressure on her to take over where Cora and Robert left off. And even though she’s not married to Matthew anymore — obviously he was the heir holding onto the home — her role now is to take care of his work, and [their son] George now will inherit the house. So she has to be the more traditional, responsible one.”

Executive producer Gareth Neame also weighed in.

“There’s a new guard,” Neame said. “She’s going to be the custodian of the place, she has to carry on into the future. There’s an old guard represented by her father and others. You’ll definitely see that become an issue as well.”

Forgetting the past and moving toward the future also entails remarrying and at the end of last season, it appeared that Mary was ready to be pursued again (primarily by Lord Charles Blake and Lord Anthony Gillingham). It’s possible that she could be married again.