The Voice 2014: Gwen Stefani Admits She Was Initially Apprehensive About Joining Show

Based on last night’s premiere, Gwen Stefani fits in like a glove on The Voice‘s coaching panel. With that said, it appears she had some early doubts about joining the NBC series.

Speaking to reporters, Stefani said:

“I was afraid, and I had a reason to be. I was really nervous about just coming on the show and doing something so different, and I didn’t know what it was going to be.”

Although the singer has experience being the only girl around a bunch of guys (given her time in No Doubt where she was the lone female member of the group), Stefani said this was different.

“It’s one thing to be in the boys’ club with guys you have known since you’re 16 years old, but to walk onto this platform with these guys that have been doing it already and not knowing them, I was freaked out a little bit,” she said.

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