JR Blog: Cena/Ambrose, Pitch To Combine Titles, Mocks Bunny Creative

Jim Ross had a Tuesday blog complete with Raw thoughts, here are some highlights.

on Cena/Ambrose
The tension that evolved during the show between Cena and Ambrose caught my attention and I’m curious as to where that might go. Cena’s polarizing rub would help make Ambrose a bigger fan favorite of which WWE is sorely lacking at the moment.

on combining the IC and US titles
Still optimistic that Dolph Ziggler can renew the luster to the IC Title and I am still an advocate of WWE combining the IC and the US Titles as a way to turn Sheamus heel with the US Title going away.

on mocking creative
Admittedly, I am not in WWE’s target demo any longer but I’m still a fan but for the life of me I can’t ascertain the usefulness of a mini bull, a mini alligator or a giant rabbit. Apparently, I just don’t get it. Perhaps it’s the ‘Disney’ influence of the PG aspect of today’s WWE and if so that would make sense.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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