Forever Heel’s Halloween Month Begins with Kane Facts

It’s Halloween Heel Month, and that means spooky themed columns. I thought we’d start with every body’s favorite mask wearing/not mask wearing weirdo, Kane. So let’s head down memory lane with some Kane-Facts.

Kane is not good with the ladies.

From Katie Vicke to Lita, Kane has always had trouble with the opposite sex. His early WWE love interests were Chyna, and (just plain) Tory. Each of those women turned on the Red Fella, leaving Kane to swear off women for a while. This was prolonged by Triple H brining up Kane’s on again off again dead girlfriend Katie Vicke. Kane would finally found love in Lita. The two would have a romantic forced wedding, before Lots turned on him for Edge. Kane would go on to freakout Kelly Kelly for no reason, and get a little lovin from AJ Lee. Being a homicidal sociopath makes it hard for Kane to have a strong foundation for a relationship to last.

Kane has lost to his evil doppelganger

Unlike his brother, the Undertaker, Kane lost his match with his evil counterpart. The Match took place in the summer of 2006, and the thinking was that Kane and Evil Kane would continue the feud into SummerSlam 2006, where Kane would finally win. It would have been a nice highlight to Kane’s career because The Undertaker had defeated his own evil clone at SummerSlam ’94.

Kane is a Libertarian

Well Glen Jacobs, the man who plays Kane, is a Libertarian. He has attended the party’s national convection several times, and even consider running for congress on the Libertarian Ticket. I’m sure the only reason he hasn’t is because he’s a wrestler first and politico second. It also might be hard for him to win after the press finds out that Kane electrocuted his boss’s son’s testicles, and that he worked with a guy who refered to his fans as “test-icles”? This brings me to…

Kane electrocuted Shane McMahon’s nuts after Shane had kicked him into a flaming dumpster.

When Kane had a tough time coping when he lost his mask in the summer of 2003. Kane ended up Tombstoning Linda McMahon on the Raw stage, and bringing in Shane to defend his mother’s honor. This led to Shane drop kicking Kane into a dumpster full of fire, but by next week, Kane was perfectly fine. Kane would later attack Shane, and tie Shane’s lifeless body to the ring ropes, and then hook up a car battery and cables up to Shane’s nut sack. During this whole segment King and JR act like they have no idea what Kane is doing. I feel Kane’s heel turn was not due to his being forced to unmask, but because he’d been wearing his knee pads outside of his tights for several weeks.

Kane and Undertaker have interchangeable nicknames.

I don’t know what it is, but WWE loves giving Undertaker and Kane nicknames. Kane has been known as “The Devil’s Favorite Demon”, “The Big Red Machine/Monster”, and shares “The Brothers of Destruction” moniker with his brother. Ironically it is the Undertaker that is known as “The Red Devil”, despite Kane usually being attached to the color red and Kane being known for walking through Hell. Both Taker and Kane have been referred to as “Big Evil”, by many  a confused commentator.

Kane was the Christmas Creature in USWA.

The Christmas Creature basically a seven-foot man in an eerie elf costume, and mask. I know it sounds stupid, but I lived around the Memphis area and this gimmick actually scared younger kids.  Luckily for them, Jerry Lawler was able to take care of this fiend and save Christmas. Although there were rumors that The Christmas Creature lurked around various Tennessee Valley feds until mid-January. This gimmick alone proved that Glen Jacobs/Kane was worth his weight in gold to the WWE and WCW because he would probably work well with any gimmick.

Kane has had the wackiest of wacky tag partners.

We all know Kane has held the Tag Belts with the likes of Undertaker, Big Show, and RVD, Kane has held the belts with The Hurricane, and a very confused Corporate Mankind. Jacobs has even held the tag belts with Al Snow in the Old Smokey Mountain Wrestling promotion.  Is there anyone you can’t pair Al Snow with?

Be here next week when I go over The Undertaker’s greatest allies.

This week’s Heel of the Week is Seth Rollins because he’s quickly becoming the X-Pac of the Authority’s stable. Go back and watch X-Pac in late 1999 and early 2000, and you’ll see what I mean. Actually he mostly feuded with Kane then.


Top 5 Heels Glen Jacobs has played


4)Isaac Yankem

3) Fake Diesel

2) Nailz 😉

1) Kane


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