JR Blog: WWE Raw Has “No Where To Go But Up”, Book Details

Jim Ross has a new blog previewing Raw, here are some highlights:

on Raw having “no where to go but up”
With two reality show guests on RAW tonight, who knows what awaits the TV viewer but there’s no way to go but up on this matter based on last week’s epic fail of Hoda and Kathie Lee from the NBC Today Show. That piece of business was challenging to watch and made me want to organize my sock drawer.

on show scheduling vs Monday Night Football
Yes, I am advocating that taking a commercial break during a main event level bout does more harm than good, second screen experience or not. Most fans don’t have the second screen nor do they care as much about it as a customer than before the WWE Network was launched and can only absorb so much ‘selling’ during a three hour marathon that’s challenging to watch any way. By not break up matches with a commercial break, it lessens the opportunity for fans to channel surf, especially as it relates to Monday Night Football, plus it allows the talents to tell a better story with continuity and provides the big event feel at home that is often times missing on WWE’s flagship show. Yes, by doing this it would take re-tooling the basic format of RAW but one could argue that matter is overdue.

on book details
One of the many themes of my first book will be to never allow others to define you or put limits on how successful that you can be no matter what one does for a living. I’ve had executives make fun and pigeon hole me as a Southern Hillbilly because of my accent while others have made light of my three bouts of Bells palsy and my residual, facial paralysis. In my view, they are the one’s who have the problem and not me. Many former wrestling types no longer working in the business have outlined many of these stories during the research phase of our autobiography to the level that I may leave a great deal of it out to simply not embarrass the offenders and their families especially their children.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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