Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Kurt Sutter Reveals Final Shot Of Series… Then Takes It Back

Earlier this week, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter announced that he had finished writing the series finale episode of the show and included a screen grab of the “early draft” of the final shot.


So this happened today. Finished 713 * This may have been an earlier draft.

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When some fans took the joke as real, Sutter used to Twitter to clear up the issue.

Jokes aside, Sutter did say that the final shot of the series is one that he spent a lot of time thinking about.

“You know, I totally understood the whole ­Sopranos cut-to-black thing,” he said to EW. “I think I have a sense of what ­[David] Chase was trying to ­accomplish with that, in terms of that it’s not something that can be tied up, and that it ultimately goes on. I definitely want to have the sense that people will walk away feeling satisfied but also having a sense of wonder: Now what happens?”