Chris Weidman Shares More Details Of How He Saved Woman’s Life Today, Says 911 Call Was Ignored

Earlier today, it was reported that UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman saved his neighbour’s life today.

Now, Weidman has revealed more details about the situation and how he was able to save the woman who was bleeding and crying out for help.

In an exclusive interview with about the incident, Weidman said that he heard a woman crying out for help and when he approached her, he noticed she was bleeding everywhere. After helping her get seated, Weidman called 911 but didn’t get anywhere.

“She getting soaking wet. So I jump out of the car and I run over to her, and she’s bleeding everywhere. All over the place. I run over, she drops her phone and begs, ‘Help me! Help me!’ So I take her and I bring her into her garage, and as I’m doing that, I try to find a place for her to sit down — I was going to put her on the floor but she had a stool, so I grab that, put her on the stool, and as I’m doing that I’m calling 911. I call 911 and am like, ‘Listen, I have a really elderly lady here, she’s bleeding really bad, doesn’t look good. We need someone here immediately.’ So they transfer me to emergency services.

“They transfer me, but nothing happens. I don’t hear anything. Just nothing for a good 20 or 30 seconds, so I hang up. Then I call back 911 again and the same thing happens again. I explain the story, they transfer me to emergency services, and again nothing happens.”

Weidman eventually decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I’m like, what the f**k?! So I call one of my friends who’s a police officer in the precinct, I call him up and say, ‘Listen, you need to call cops or emergency (paramedics). I’m with this lady here and it’s not looking good here, she’s bleeding all over the place and I’m trying to help her but I don’t know if she’s about to die. I’m freaking out, we need someone here right away.’ So he said, ‘Alright, I got it.’ He hangs up and that’s what eventually got people there. But I’m holding her, and it basically felt like 20 or 30 minutes before someone was there. The entire time she’s going in and out a little bit, she’s getting very dizzy.

“And she’s a bloody mess, so I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and I was trying to hold the paper towels on her wounds — she had big wounds and she was bleeding so much, her whole body was covered in blood, I didn’t know where the blood was really 100-percent coming from. I didn’t know if it was multiple wounds. She’s saying she fell into a glass table. So just kept going through paper towels trying to keep pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. I ended up finding out later that the reason she was bleeding so much is that she was on different heart medications and stuff that thins her blood.”

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