Arrow Spoilers: Now That Oliver Knows That Felicity Is Working For Ray Palmer, How Will It Play Out?

In last night’s Arrow, Felicity finally told Oliver that she has accepted a position with Ray Palmer. In an interview with, Stephen Amell teased that while his initial reaction was passive-aggressive, this storyline will play out during the season.

“[We’re] certainly going to learn how Oliver feels about it,” Amell said. “It comes to a head towards the latter part of our fall run.”

Amell also opened up about whether there will be any tension from Felicity and Oliver’s “break-up” in the season premiere.

“I’ve always strived [to make] sure [Arrow] relationships are adult relationships. You can kiss someone and you can profess something to them, but that doesn’t mean you avoid eye contact with them. There is a bigger goal and a much bigger circumstance at play. So, [while] I’m sure things are awkward, they’ve got work to do.”